Low Poly Rocket Launch Complex

by shakiroslan in Models

**Low Poly Rocket Launch Complex**
A Low Poly style game asset pack for you to create space or rocket environment in your game. It contains buildings, vehicles, FX, and Environment as main the prefabs.

Available in - **Blend, Unity package, FBX, OBJ**

**-In The Package-**
-Sample scene-
-90 prefabs-
-Separable staging rockets-

Bridge, Control tower, Crawlerway(5), Flag pole, Fuel tank(2), Hangar(5), Headquater, Landing pad(2), Launch area(4), Launchpad(3), Launch ring, Launch tower, Lightning arrester(2), Mission control building, Path, Pipe(6), Platform, Ring, Rocket erector, Runaway, SpotLight pole, Station Dish(3), Tracking Station, Vertical assembly building, Water tank(2)

Rockets(20), Car(3),Aeroplane, Train(2)

Cloud(4), Island, Landscape(5), Ocean

FlameSmokeFX, LaunchAreaSmokeFX,RocketFlameFX,ThrusterFX

**No animation & script included**