Komikaze V2: Toon Shaders & Assets Pack

by DoubleGum in Surfacing

KOMIKAZE 2.1 is here!!

A collection of 200+ Shaders, Modifiers, Compositor FX, and assets for creating comics and toon-style art. If you are looking for a Manga, Anime or Spiderverse style, this toolset will help you achieve it in no time.

Everything runs in real-time with Blender EEVEE :)


Behold the Komikaze shaders and modifiers in full glory!


  • 200+ NEW Shaders & Modifiers
  • New system, easy to layer and combine
  • Works with multiple lights and colored lights
  • Drag-and-Drop from Asset Browser
  • Improved Cycles compatibility
  • Everything works in real-time
  • Multiple Mapping and Output options for each shader
  • Bonus Text Boxes, Lens Flares & Color Palettes
  • One-click outlines
  • Free updates for life

UPDATE 2.1 Log

  • Complete Documentation
  • Compact nodes, thanks to Panels
  • More shaders, Modifiers, and Komps added
  • Shift+A menu for Shader Nodes, Geometry Nodes, and Compositor
  • Tooltips added to all Modifiers
  • Tags added to all assets
  • Fixed Noise in Outline modifier
  • Added Mask Mix input to all non light dependent shaders
  • Fixed the default material for all modifiers (Fireflies, Smoke, etc.)
  • Added Custom Location input for Smoke 2D and 3D modifiers
  • Fixed Shimmer modifier (the stars were not appearing)
  • Fixed Fire 2D, now works on planes of all axes
  • Added Randomize Size parameter to Halftone Shaders' circles
  • Added Rotation parameters to Pencil, Charcoal, and Crayon shaders
  • New improves Scene Time (Animation) node for Shader Editor
  • New catalog for Cycles: Fake Lit
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Most Komikaze Shaders work only with Eevee
  • BUT Cycles can run them too, lights can be baked or faked
  • Basic shader knowledge needed in order to create/ combine shaders
  • Text Boxes will be added with Grease Pencil 3.0

Feel free to follow my work or check out more DoubleGum products.
Happy Blending! <3

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Published over 5 years ago
Blender Version 4.1
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
License Royalty Free
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