Kit Ops Synth

by Chipp Walters in Scripts and Addons

Hi Everyone! Mark Kingsnorth and I have been working for a number of months on this great new addon called KIT OPS SYNTH. I think you'll like it. Here's the gist:

SYNTH auto-generates 3D designed objects using existing or your own recipe based instructions. It uses an iterative mode to quickly generate a multitude of different designs.

SYNTH is a Blender addon and is part of the KIT OPS ecosystem. It works in conjunction with either KIT OPS FREE or PRO and uses recipes and algorithms to smartly place KIT OPS INSERTS on target face selections.

Note: SYNTH requires the latest version of KIT OPS 2 PRO or KIT OPS 2 FREE in order to work along with the latest released version of Blender 2.91+. Please install KIT OPS first before installing SYNTH.

Corridor Recipe

Video Manual

KIT OPS SYNTH documentation is at:

Please visit us on Discord at: