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NOTE: KIT OPS 2 PRO is updated frequently. The latest version is always freely available here on Blender Market for purchasers of the product. We use 'edition' names to help us differentiate major updates. The topmost update listed is the most current.

New update: Sherlock Edition (2.26.4) 

Super useful update now adds advanced Search capabilities so that you can search through your entire collections of KIT OPS KPACKS and INSERTS-- even if they are not currently loaded. Tremendous workflow improvement. Now works in 4.01. See video below:

New update: Ryan Edition (2.25.13) 

This new Ryan version has some nifty new features including the ability import your existing asset browser content into KIT OPS. Check out this short video for more info:

New update: Cedar Creek Edition (2.24.23) 

This new CEDAR CREEK version has some nifty new features including the ability to create eroded Decal INSERTS as well as array your INSERTS. 

New update: KINGSMAN Edition

Lots of great new features including One-Click Material Save, and now you can load different sets of KPACKS with only a single button.

9 Reasons to use KIT OPS PRO to manage your materials in Blender

New Update 2.22.8: Hardpoints Edition

Now with the ability to create cutter INSERTS directly from the scene. And, new Hardpoints feature makes assemblies a snap. See video below.

New Update: Chuck Norris

New One-button create INSERT mode and major support for saving and adding materials including slot support and optimized textures! Check out the video!

Now that KIT OPS FREE can create basic inserts, what is the difference between it and KIT OPS PRO?

This is a question many of you may be asking. There are still substantial differences between the two products. Here is a list describing them as of KIT OPS: Chuck Norris edition.

Differences between PRO and FREE

  1. PRO has snapping features, FREE does not. These are valuable especially when using KIT OPS PRO to create objects.
  2. PRO has the ability to create INSERTS which have built-in Boolean union and difference modifiers, which can be linked with the target object and/or the INSERT itself. This allows you to create INSERTS that can cut holes in other objects. FREE cannot do this.
  3. PRO allows for wire object types which are good for both positioning and creating objects location points.
  4. If you want to use KIT OPS SYNTH, and create INSERTS for it, you'll need to use PRO.
  5. PRO has the favorite menu system allowing you shortcuts to KPACKS
  6. PRO has Factory mode allowing you to fully edit INSERTS  and create thumbnails with custom settings.
  7. KIT OPS BATCH only works with PRO
  8. PRO works with KIT OPS PARALLAX to create parallax INSERTS with proper thumbnails.
  9. PRO has the ability to easily create and edit materials.
  10. Since KIT OPS 2 came out a year ago there have been 7 major updates, 2 of them FREE updates and all of them with PRO improvements.
  11. As evidenced by our many and frequent feature updates over the past year, we have many big plans in store for PRO.

New Update: RAVEN Edition

Reposition with snap and Replace individual or all INSERTS with another INSERT

New version: Lando Edition

New Snapping modes, material optimizations and more!

New version: Clarise Edition

Now with huge workflow addition of favorite and recent buttons to access your KPACKS quickly!

New version: Bourne Edition

Now has SNAPPING! Yes, finally, KIT OPS has advanced level snapping so you can snap your INSERTS to the geometry it's being applied to. Check it out:

New version 2.20.7 KIT OPS 2 PRO: Bronson Edition

Introducing INSTANT THUMBNAILS VIEW! See video below on how to enable them. has support for rotating on insertion, batch thumb viewing, auto-parent mode, new and better optimized SMART mode and more.

Main video


For Blender 2.83+


NOTICE: Please update to latest version if you plan on using SYNTH. 

Just updated to make workflows even easier!

This massive effort now makes it easier than ever to create, store and apply your own INSERTS including materials. Check out the videos below:

KIT OPS, with over 25,000 downloads, is the preeminent kitbashing addon for Blender. It allows you to quickly create and kitbash your hard surface models– And it also fulfills many of your asset management needs including the ability to quickly store and apply materials.

KIT OPS 2 PRO is a Blender addon and works with Blender 2.83+.  It uses the systematized application of Blender  files called KIT OPS INSERTS, to instantly cut and add to existing objects or create standalone objects with the goal of rapidly creating and exploring new designs.

When used properly, KIT OPS can create objects and scenes with extreme efficiency and speed. Doors and windows can be inserted and cut through walls. Complex industrial designs can be generated in a single sitting. KIT OPS uses the power of the Blender Modifiers to accomplish all of this.

So, what are the new features? Well, we’ve completely reworked the authoring workflow for PRO users. You can now create INSERTS directly in your blend file as you work. And you can edit them as well.

Videos on installing and using KIT OPS:

It’s now simpler than ever to pull a part off of your model, and turn it into a KIT OPS INSERT. Then return to your model and use that same part over and over.

New to KIT OPS PRO is the ability to save materials, with thumbnails. A single button takes you into the material save mode, and you can automatically render a thumbnail and be back in your scene in only a few seconds. 

And, KIT OPS PRO comes loaded with INSERTS, including the Mega 300 Tech KPACKS. Just check out all the many incredible INSERTS at: most created by masterxeon1001 himself! 

Plus, now we include a new KPACK set of INSERTS to create this military communications device. The KPACK comes included with the full device, so you can take it apart if you like– and of course you get all the INSERTS to create it! Let’s take a quick look at the new streamlined KIT OPS 2 PRO and how it works.

For more information, please go to

Documentation on how to use KIT OPS is at:

License terms are at:

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