Khaos Fire Shader: Straightforward Fire Shading


We designed the KHAOS Fire Shader to be a straightforward simple and effective volumetric shader! Originally created for the KHAOS explosion add-on for Blender 3d as the default domain material; it is now available as a standalone no frills product! 

Simplified and Straightforward Volumetric Shading!

Demo video below using the KHAOS Fire Shader with an explosion created in Blender utilizing some KHAOS explosion add-on fuel particle operators!

Are you tired of messing with massive amounts of material nodes in your volumetric simulations? We were too! Our goal was to make a simple and effective fire shader that was straightforward and as easy as possible to use. The KHAOS fire shader is the default fire shader in the KHAOS explosion add-on for Blender 3d (which is also available on Blender Market) but we wanted to make the shading material available as a standalone product as well! So here is is!

Two adjustable nodes with customizable settings!

Change your smoke color, smoke density, smoke contrast, flame color, flame brightness, flames contrast, and color ramp values all within two easy to use nodes! Experiment with your smoke volumes without crazy node setups... or if you want even more control attach some of your own input nodes into our fire shader to get an entirely different result!

Import the shading material in one click!

We have packed the KHAOS Fire Shader as a simple add-on with a single button that you can install inside of Blender. By installing the fire shader through your user preferences you can import your shading material into your scene and have it available for your smoke domain materials without going through the appending process step by step. When you install the fire shader you can access it through its tab on the right tool panel inside of Blender.

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