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KaDomain is an addon that helps to manage several Physics Simulations Domains in the same scene.

It works alone and it works with Kaboom and Kafire addons.

please see UI explanations in the documentation page

Manage fluid flows by collection and effectors by object.

Create KaDomain

Add Flow Collection Asset to KaDomain

Add Effector or Force Field Objects Assets to KaDomain

Display Assets but not disable in viewport:

Fluid parameters of the KaDomain

Material parameters of the KaDomain

Import Baked KaDomain Cache as Volume Object


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Sales 20+
Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
License GPL
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