Jack Russell - Quadruped Character Course

by p2design in Training

Character ready to render

In this course you will learn how to create a fully rigged and ready for rendering character in Blender3D from a simple cube.

What you'll get is what you'll learn :

This course includes the full workflow (over 12 hours of video) and all the source files and blend files for each chapter. 

- Base mesh creation

 - Dynamic topology sculpting 

- Retopology 

- UVmaps creation

- Sculpt pass 

- Textures baking

- Textures painting

- Shading 

- Fur creation and shading

- Rigging (advanced rig creation) 

- Bones custom shapes 

- Corrective shape keys and drivers

"The kind of tutorial we all are waiting for [...] This tutorial is a must have for every Blenderello." Karel Van Tornhaut