Industrial Storage Tank Asset Pack

by MagicCGIStudios in Models


How To import these models Into Blender/ your Blender Scene:

Unzip "Industrial_Storage_Tanks.7z"

(7zip if you don`t have it can be downloaded here :  ....its free.

After you have extracted the file:

1.Open Blender

2.Go to File........find and open `Industrial_Storage_Tanks.blend`

If you are adding (Appending) the Storage Tanks to a current scene :

3.Select: Append from the `file` drop down menu

4 Go To your Industrial Storage Tanks Folder Location

5.Open: Industrial_Storage_Tanks.blend

6.Select - Object - then simply choose which Tank, or Tanks you wish to add to your project then choose `append from library`

7.They will now appear in your scene :)

Cycles Render Engine used for the Images provided

Tested in 2.80 EEVEE

All Textures/Images and associated files are included within the Blender file.

The lights and the Camera on LAYER 2

The Ground Plane is on LAYER 3

The Assorted Industrial Pipes are on LAYER 4

Scale and Rotation applied

The Ground plane comes with an adjustable node setup, you can easily define how wet or dry this is, create puddles of water as shown in the renders by simply adjusting the Ground Mapping, ColorRamp & Noise Texture nodes....experiment with these settings and you will get some really nice results!

Approximate real world scale applied

Origin of all Models - Centre of Mass

All Models are named accordingly in the Outliner

(Please note the HDRI Lighting used in the Images provided is not part of this package......there are plenty of free ones available online)

Of course any of the Models can be duplicated as many times as you like using SHIFT-D - Multiple Storage Tanks!!  Easy!! :)

The Model of the Construction Worker shown in 2 of the Images is NOT Included and is there just to show real world Scale. I do not own that Model but here i give credit to its creator and is available for free from this link :

Construction worker model :

Credit : Katelaruine

Any queries please do get in touch

Hope you like my Models :)

Thanks for looking!