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  • dermijohn
    7 months ago

    One of the best addons so far... specially after the new addition to apply vertex colors based on facemaps grouping. Now preparing a complicated model to export for further painting in substance painter is a matter of seconds!

  • Fabio
    almost 2 years ago

    Love it! now all tedious work for make color id maps is solved with a single click!
    In hard-surface or complex meshes this plugin is really helpful, i can just make vertex groups of what my id map should be, then click Paint > Vertex Group to Color ID Map... done!

  • liczhang
    about 3 years ago

    Great Plugin! It was useful for blender - substance painter workflow! Waiting for the adust of Blender 2.8 version !!! Will it come?

    • varkenvarken

      about 3 years ago

      thank you! I am researching whether an upgrade will be possible. I cannot make promises at this point, but now that Blender 2.8 is in Beta and more importantly the Python API is stabilizing I will certainly have a look.
  • dr_after
    over 3 years ago

    I must say that it is the most sophisticated and
    simultaneously the easiest way to create ID maps! It can generate maps from Vertex Groups, seams, Material IDs, you can freely paint them or assign colors to selected faces. It works great and it's well-thought piece of code. If you work with Substance Painter, it's a must have!

  • Bryson Jack
    about 4 years ago

    Wow! This add-on is amazing and saves me so much time. Here is my workflow:

    Model and UV Unwrap your model
    Select an individual component (such as a vertex) and then press Ctrl+L to Select Linked All.
    Save the mesh selection as a vertex group by going to the Properties Editor>Data Tab>Vertex Groups and add a vertex group.
    Double Click or Ctrl+LMB click on the vertex group name to rename it.
    Click Assign.
    Hide the mesh.
    Repeat until the entire model has been separated.
    Go to Vertex Color Mode.
    Tool Shelf (T)>Tools tab or Paint Menu:
    VGroups to Vertex Color
    Bake Vertex Color

  • Vavrinec Foltan
    about 5 years ago

    I've only tried a few basics. And it works as I wish. I'm excited. Finally another workflow for me. great :)

  • AlanShukan
    about 5 years ago

    Exactly what i need for my blender and substance painter workflow, i had a really pain doing mask on substance painter coz the lack of appropriate ID color mapper on blender (the are some methods that helps you get the id color but never gives you the results you want\need), now with this addon i can work straight away with no more riddles;
    its fast, clear and concise with the documentation, if you need a tool for substance this is a most have.

  • scigor
    about 5 years ago

    Bought recently but it was able to speed up right away my Blender- Substance workflow of 10 times.
    And I've only scratched the surface of this valuable addon!

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