Iclone's Face Puppet In Blender! - Best Facial Animation Tool

by Alex Quill in Addons

Face Puppet

Make natural, organic facial expressions and animations with the move of a slider

Choose between 160+ pre-made iClone expressions & make your own!

Who is this addon for:

 iClone 8 and CC4 users who want to animate in Blender

 Animators who want great-looking results fast

 People who are tired of re-modelling the same expressions over and over

IMPORTANT: This addon only works with Character Creator 4 and iClone 8 characters



Easily blend and combine expressions the way you need

Full Keyframing Control

Keyframe every movement manually, or record them live and refine later.

iClone's face puppet doesn't allow you to manually keyframe the position of the puppet control but this addon does!

Full Layout Control

Organize your workspace the way you want - move, resize, rotate, retexture and reshape

any of the face puppet controllers. Lay it out in a way that's intuitive for YOU!

Less keyframes, better expressions 

 Tired of keeping track of dozens of facial bones?

Always see what expressions are active. It's clean, visual and intuitive.

Easy Lip Sync 

Let's face it - iClone's automatic lip syncing is pretty bad, and you end up having to manually refine it anyway.

This addon lets you lip sync with the click of a few buttons!

Endless Custom Expressions

Customize your own expressions either from iClone or Blender!

Your custom expressions made in Blender will have dynamic wrinkles, too (as long as they were made using the inbuilt shape key sliders).

Ez Transfer Animations

Easily transfer animations and lip sync data between characters from within Blender

Simple Conversion

A few clicks and you have the face puppet tool working in Blender

It's that easy!

Toon Character Support

Works with iClone's stylized characters, too!

As long as they have the CC4 extended facial profile

Features and limitations

Before you buy, please refer to the FAQ to check the addon limitations!

NOTE: While this addon replicates the key features of the Face Puppet tool, the final results might slightly vary. It may include features not present in iClone's Face Puppet tool, and viceversa.

IMPORTANT: This addon only works with CC4 and iClone 8 characters; Some of its functions (such as porting) require you to have either Character Creator 4 and/or iClone 8 installed 

DISCLAIMER: Even though this tool's functionality replicates that of the Puppet Tool from iClone, all the code for it was written from scratch. This tool is meant to increase the compatibility between Blender and iClone, and does not aim to replace either software.

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