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I have been scattering objects on objects for more than 20 years now, and for this I have used literally every tool and software that existed throughout the years.

Blender particles and vertex / face instancing were a half solution, a workaround.

The implementation of geometry nodes made it fun and pleasing to scatter things with Blender for the first time.
So I gathered all my scattering experience, favorite options, test cases and methodology and I made this geometry nodes setup :)

It can be used to scatter polygons on polygons. Abstract, plants, nature, rocks, buildings, antennas on buildings, whatever.

Current Features:

  • object / collection instancing
  • instances realized into real geometry
  • instance minimum distance
  • viewport optimization (number of instances displayed in viewport)
  • viewport proxy instances (bounding box / convex hull)
  • weight painted instance distribution
  • slope angle distribution
  • relative (base geometry) height distribution
  • textured instance distribution
  • complete instance rotation control with rotation snapping
  • complete instance uniform and non uniform scale control
  • wind effect on instances
  • camera culling
  • level of detail (lod) functionality, 3 levels
  • raycasting control of instances
  • additional tools to quickly and easily reset the origin of selected objects, select objects of similar size / volume and generate UV maps of selected material of selected object and set up dynamic weight painting of instances (brush) on base geometry (canvas)

And I plan on adding new functionality whenever I imagine any new trick.

enjoy :)


For example scenes and tutorials check the ia scatter blendermarket documentation page or the iraisynn attinom youtube channel

version history:

version 1.82 (9 November 2022)

  • added merge distributed points by distance (works better than distance min in most cases)
  • added texture and weight affect scale option
  • added reset origin (z=0) button

version 1.71 (29 september 2022)

  • added convex hull geometry output
  • added raycast target geometry input

version 1.64 (24 September 2022)

  • added master on/off button
  • added secondary wind
  • added face camera (useful when scattering image planes)
  • added make canvas and make brush menu buttons (for weight dynamic painting)
  • fixed math in slope angle distribution
  • fixed LOD error
  • removed translation and distance from face as redundant. using random min and max values results in same behavior

version 1.58 (28 August 2022)

  • added wind system

version 1.51 (19 august 2022)

  • changed the scaling behavior. now uniform and non uniform random scales are simultaneous and additive
  • cleaned up the geometry node tree

version 1.45 (9 August 2022)

New features:

  • added distance and random distance from face along normal setting
  • added buttons under ia tools for resetting the origin of the selected object (center and lowest point) with center finding method option
  • added button under ia tools for selecting all objects that have similar size/volume to the currently selected object (with similarity tolerance setting)
  • added button under ia tools for smart UV projection of selected objects selected material
  • added option to modify the UI (split 3d viewport and open up geometry node editor) after ia scatter is added to the scene


  • ia scatter button now adds a new copy of the geometry node group with randomized seed on the selected geometry
  • added internal timing for each script operation for optimization and benchmarking purposes. the timing results can be seen in the console

version 1.34 (21 july 2022)

  • fixed align to normal, rotation and scale math to respect transform/center/pivot change (based on user feedback)

version 1.32  (20 july 2022)

  • added instance translation and random translation feature
  • fixed rotation math for better z axis behavior when align to normal is selected

iraisynn attinom discord server

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