Human Eye

by MagicCGIStudios in Models

How To Import This model Into Blender/ your Blender Scene:

Unzip "Eye.7z"

(7zip if you dont have it can be downloaded here : free.

After you have extracted the file

1.Open Blender
2.Go to File........find and open `Eye.blend`

This opens the entire scene

      The Parts of the Eyeball are already grouped so can be moved as a single object by selecting the outer object then press SHIFT+G and selecting `Group` from the menu...…..then if you wish to duplicate the model press SHIFT+D



3.Select: Append
4.Go To Your Eye Folder Location
5.Open: Eye.blend
6.Select: Objects - Eyeball, Eyeduplicate and Iris together :

     Once loaded, select all three objects and group them -- Object mode / Wireframe / (easier to do in the Outliner) ...…….Eyeball, Eyeduplicate and Iris...… All three parts need to turn Orange...…….then simply press CTRL+G to create a group.  If you wish to select the group then simply highlight the outer and press SHIFT+G and select `Group` from the menu.

  The Whole Eye model can then be duplicated  (SHIFT-D) to create 2...……… 3?...….4????   As many as you like.

Blender Version 2.78 and Cycles render engine used to create the model
Verts: 7469
Faces: 7396
Tris: 14,792

  All textures/images and associated files are included within the Blender file.

  The scene also contains the lights and camera used to create the renders I have done which you can find  on layer 2. I have included the means to rotate the lights 360Degrees around the Eye model , simply select the Circle and press R then Z to rotate, the lighting then rotates around the path of the circle.

      The Sclera (Iris) (the coloured part of the eye) can easily be changed by entering a different value in the `Hue Saturation node`(highlighted in the screenshot provided) using the `Hue` value.

      The Pupil (Black centre part of the eye) can be resized by using the `Light reaction` value slider (highlighted in screenshot provided) under the `Data` tab for the Sclera(Iris)

   Please remember you MUST be in Cycles for this to work

  Please message me if you have any questions and i will do my upmost to help.

Sales 80+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 5 years ago
Software Version 2.78, 2.79
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Creative Commons
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