High Resolution Seashell 01 Scan Model With Principled Shader Preset + 4k Textures

by Alexander's Artwork in Models

What you get:

  • This Seashell is 3d scanned with photogrammetry methods.
  • The Seashell is original sized.
  • The Seashell has a height of 7 centimeters
  • The Zip File contains both Models (high-res and low-res) with basic a prinicipled shader setup.
  • The Zip file contains a high resolution textured scan model with 1 Million polygons in Obj format.
  • The Zip file also contains a low resolution version for game design and long range shots with 30 thousand polygons and with textures.
  • The Zip File contains additionally to the Blender File a Project File for the award winning 3d Tool Houdini with Principled Shaders.

All textures are in 4K suited for principled shading in Blender and other 3d Tools/Engines which provide a pbr principled shader support, like Houdini.

The zip file contains no Specular maps, cause not needed within a principled  shader.

The Lowresolution version has:

  •     Tanged Space Normal Maps in 4K
  •     Displacement Map in 4K
  •     Color Map in 4K 

The Highresolution version has:

  •     1Million Polygons ;)
  •     Colormap in 4K in 16 bit float EXR format for maxium dynamic range

You will also find a Houdini 16 File within the Zip, this contains the final shader preset for both individual representations( highres and lowres Principled Seashell shaders )

Why you need this Asset:

This is the perfect 3d Model for your close-up shots no matter if you place it on a realistic desk scene or on a beach scene, it will bring life into your shots, because its the high resolution 3D Scan of the true beauty of Nature. 

Hope you like it;)