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by Greg Zaal in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Unrivaled quality, created with the help of Blender

Treat yourself to a collection of unbelievably high quality HDRIs, all of them at a crazy 134 megapixels (16384 x 8192).


Each HDRI in this bundle of 10 was shot carefully with the full dynamic range possible, giving you perfectly realistic lighting and reflections with almost no effort.


"These are the highest quality HDRs I've seen online. 24EVs is insane. Greg's understanding of both 3d and photography has resulted in an unbeatable pack of HDRs. If you need high quality lighting and reflections for your CG art, look no further." - Andrew Price (Blender Guru)

16384 x 8192

Such a high resolution not only means clean and clear backgrounds, but also that shadows from tiny light sources like the sun or a light bulb on the other side of a field at night will be as sharp and detailed as they are in the real world. All your reflections will be crystal clear, especially on flat surfaces like the ground. If you have an older computer or need to save a bit of memory, fear not! Incrementally lower resolutions down to 256 x 128 are included in the download as well.

Up to 24 EVs

This particular bundle includes HDRIs that were shot with up to 24 EVs of dynamic range. An "EV" is a measurement of the range of brightness in a particular HDRI. The more EVs it was shot with, the greater the potential contrast and accuracy to real life. In practical terms, that means unbelievably beautiful lighting right off the bat. No complicated node setups, plugins or additional lamps required.


"Such a high resolution for such a low price, you'll find nowhere else! Using these HDRIs for several of my projects, I can say that I'm totally satisfied with the high quality results." - Zacharias Reinhardt (AgenZasBrothers)


This bundle includes 10 various HDRI environments with a wide variety of interesting lighting.

  1. Rooftop Night
  2. Cloud Layers
  3. Moonlit Golf
  4. Northcliff
  5. Noon Grass
  6. River Rocks
  7. Gray Pier
  8. Symmetrical Garden
  9. Mpumalanga Veld
  10. Noga

You can see a preview of each of these in the image slider above, or you can click each link to see an interactive panorama preview as well as additional info and renders. You can also purchase the HDRIs individually there.

Affordable Excellence

Your average commercial HDRI will cost you between $10 and $30. They typically have a low dynamic range (e.g. 12 or 16 EVs) and are often full of stitching artifacts, lens flares and may only be around 10k resolution. As a CG artist myself, I grew tired of the lack of affordable yet high quality HDRIs, which is why I started HDRI Haven. All HDRIs bought individually are only $5.95, but in a bundle like this, they're even less.

  • 10 HDRI at $5.95 each = $59.5
  • Actual price of this bundle: $39.95
  • You save: $19.55 (33%)

I take the quality of my HDRIs very seriously. Each and every one of them follow a golden standard to help you create the best artwork:

  • 16k resolution
  • Unclipped dynamic range
  • Minimal stitching artifacts
  • Minimal lens flares, noise, chromatic aberration and other lens imperfections
  • Full 360º x 180º coverage, including the very bottom (below the tripod) just in case you need it
  • Unmodified lighting (no fake sun brightness, increased saturation or other hacks)

Made for Cycles

The HDRIs were exposed to give you comfortable brightness levels right away, so you don't need to fiddle with any intensity sliders or exposure settings. The sphere renders shown in the image slider above were generated automatically using only the HDRI for lighting - no addition lamps were used.

Made with Blender

Creating these HDRIs without losing any of the original quality captured on-camera is a tricky task which requires some custom image processing. Blender's compositor is a perfect tool for the job, allowing you to manipulate the original data losslessly and with 32-bit precision. While other commercial software could be used for the same purpose, Blender gives an unrivaled level of control and trust. These HDRIs would not be at the same level of quality without Blender. Because of this...

10% of each sale is donated to the Blender Foundation.

"Lighting with HDR images often means tweaking nodes, settings or adding extra lamps. The HDRs from HDRI Haven however give you crisp shadows, razor sharp reflections, pixel perfect backgrounds and photorealistic lighting right out of the box. It's an awesome resource, and the price is simply unbeatable. What else could you possibly ask for?! Oh right, more images!" - Sebastian Koenig (Tears of Steel, BFCT)

"If you're looking for a huge variety of awesome environment textures, then HDRI Haven is a must-have in your arsenal. Superb quality. Period." - Reynante Martinez (Artist and trainer)

"I've already used HDRIs by Greg in my works. But now we got insane 16k resolution for such a reasonable price. Unbeatable." - Gleb Alexandrov (Creative Shrimp)  


These HDRIs are licensed under the Standard Royalty Free License and can be used for almost any purpose (including personal, commercial and educational use). Read more about it here: https://cgcookiemarkets.com/licenses/standard-royalty-free-license/

Note: The three images above are for demonstrative purposes only and may not have been created with the exact HDRIs in this bundle, but rather with some of  my other HDRIs for better clarity.

Using these HDRIs is simple. In fact, here's a 15 second video tutorial to show you how it's done: https://youtu.be/KB768Ew8EVc

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