Geolights Pro - The Only Procedural Lighting Solution In Blender

by The Blenderender in Render Setups

The New Way Of Lighting Your Products In Blender
"Make Lighting 4x Faster in Blender, Without Years of Experience"

Try this and your lighting will be smoother than 5 subdivisions on a smooth-shaded UV Sphere...

Do you still make different lighting setups and move everything around?
Then go into each lamp seperately to change the power?
And when you're not happy with the result, you have to do everything again?
And then in the next project you have to do it all AGAIN?!
Well, not anymore!
All of this is history with Geolights Pro

Forget about:
- Robotic Tasks
- Mediocre Lighting
- Pre-made lighting setups.

If you want professional lighting in a matter of seconds...
Take back control

Do You Want:
- The Fastest Lighting Setup in Existence?
- Full Control with 6x Less Clicking?
- More Time For Meaningful Creations?
- Ready-Made Lighting With The Click of A Button?

Then GeoLights Pro is for you...

Case Study Proofs Speed:
GeoLights Pro is a Geometry node setup that makes it easy to achieve professional lighting setups, without doing all the hard work.

I timed the difference with a stopwatch.
These are the results:
Making a single lighting setup with three area lamps and blackbody added costs
97 seconds. I did it as quickly as possible.
With Geolights pro I did it in
25 seconds. (which is approximately 4x Faster)

Now imagine if I had to make changes in these setups...
Geolights Pro would probably be 10 or 20 times faster.
The more changes, the more time you'll save.

This means that it's also easier to play around with your lighting to see what you like.
There's less emotional attachment to a specific lighting setup, because you haven't spent much time on it.

This is what it looks like in the modifiers:

- No more useless tasks to move lights around.
- No more endless clicking and adjusting.
- No more recreating the same single lighting setup again and again.

Simply use the sliders to create your beautiful scenes faster than ever before!

This will help:
- Save time
- Create Professional Lighting
- Make Changes Easily
- Make Multiple Setups to Compare Results
- Proceduralize Your Lighting Workflow

I personally use this Lighting Add-on for 75% percent of my Product Renders.
Sure there are times I need to call in some help from a Gobo, but this works smoother a bevel with 17 segments...
I now work creatively on projects I love that feel fulfilling.

Okay, what can it do?
1. Add lights with the click of a button
2. Rotate and move your lights around with easy sliders
3. Change the position of all lights with a single click.
4. Change the strength and temperature all in one place
5. Add an extra light on top for hairlight or other purposes
6. Everything is customizable!

Fast & Easy
Nothing gives you a faster lighting setup than GeoLights Pro.
The ease-of-use is also a big plus for anybody doing product- or characterlighting.
The usual lighting process was way to slow. GeoLights Pro will skyrocket your lighting speed.
This is how it works:

Get Your GeoLights Pro!

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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
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