Game Asset - Propane Tank Large

by esindesign in Models

Propane tank

This package includes a high quality next-gen propane tank game ready asset that you can drag and drop into your scene. This asset is greatly optimized and contains 2 LODs that can be setup in blender game engine or another engine such as Unity3d. I have prepared 2 sets of textures for the asset, both of them are PBR ready texture sets for each physically based rendering model (But can still be used in a none-PBR shader). The texture style is very realistic and was completely textured with Substance designer 4.3.1. The renders you see were done in Marmoset toolbag 2 to show you how they look in a game engine that supports PBR (Unity3d, UE4 or Cryengine 3). I'm working on a rather large next-gen asset set, so there is a lot more to come!