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Well well well. I think we're all familiar with The Last of Us. Whether it's the game, the series, or just Pedro Pascal being Pedro Pascal. It's an amazing game & series, and the CGI is amazing! The Fungi taking over people, overgrowing them, mutating humans, it looks incredible. Incredible up to a level where I just had to make a procedural fungi generator in Blender that turns ANY object into its fungi version.

The entire geometry node setup is customizable, and I made it easy to use & accessible from the modifier panel so you won't have to dive into the actual geometry node setups. Each fungi variant is customizable on its own and comes with its own set of materials. This is all included in the Blend file.

A full video on how to use the geometry node setup and customize it to your own liking can be watched here.


Cheers, Nino.

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