Picture Frame Generator (+ Asset Pack)

by jaybah in Modifier Setups

Create infinite frames with ease using this powerful picture frame generator, made with Geometry Nodes.

With flexible sizing options, the tool allows you to create the perfect picture frame, complete with a customised profile, passepartout, and materials.

You can choose from ten profile options included in the file, or use your own custom curve to add your personal touch.

Every frame comes procedurally UV-mapped for easy texture application.

For Blender 3.4 and higher.


Profiles are Curves.

If you're creating your own curve, make sure its origin is in the top left corner, it is positioned in the XY space, and its scale is applied. It should not be a cyclic curve, see the examples provided in the file.

Other settings


Ten CC0 materials from Poly Haven and AmbientCG are included in all purchase options.

When using your own materials, use the attribute UVMap for mapping.

How to install the asset pack as a bundle

Asset bundles can be copied to an asset library via the Asset Browser:

  • Open the asset bundle blend-file.
  • Switch its Asset Browser to Current File if it’s not set at that already.
  • Click on Copy Bundle to Asset Library.
  • Choose the asset library to copy it to.
  • A File Browser will open, showing the files of the selected asset library. Choose the desired location of the blend-file, and click the Copy to Asset Library button.
  • The blend-file will be saved at the chosen location, and any catalogues of the asset bundle will be merged into the target asset library.

Purchase Options

Picture Frame Generator:

You will get a Geometry Nodes node group, 10 pre-made frame setups that can be modified further, 10 profile curves, all materials. Compatible with the Asset Browser.

Mesh Pack:

You will get 10 frames made with this generator, but converted to mesh, with marked bevel weights for nice looking bevels. Materials included. Compatible with the Asset Browser.

Generator is not included in this option.

Picture Frame Generator + Mesh Pack Bundle:

You will get it all! 10 procedural and 10 mesh picture frames, the generator, and the materials.
Compatible with the Asset Browser.

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Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4
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