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FootRollBreak is an addon that enhance Rigify rigs, adding FootRollBreak feature on existing rigify rigs.

FootRollBreak let's your foot have a natural fold / unfold when you roll it.

Why ?

Analysing movement a a foot during walk, we can see that a foot has a 3 pivot point movement.

Current Rigify has only a 2 pivot point system. Solution is to use footrollbreak :)

Quick Start

  • Install FootRollBreak addon, and activate it.
  • Select your rigify rig, and got to armature data properties. A new panel is there :)
  • Patch your rig (works on both Human & Pitchipoy rigs)
  • A new panel can be found on 3D View properties panels (N), near other rigify panels.
  • That's it ! Enjoy :)
  • FootRollBreak will remain enabled on your rig, even if you disable/remove the addon.

Video tutorial

You can see a video with FootRollBreak in action here :

Complete Documentation

Read documentation of FootRollBreak!


FootRollBreak is part of BleRiFa. Check full documentation on BleRiFa website.

How to install and activate FootRollBreak ?

  • Go to User Preferences ( Ctrl + Alt + U ), Add-ons tab
  • Click on "Install from File..."
  • Choose the .zip file on your computer
  • Activate the addon by enabling the checkbox.
  • Your can now close User Préférences

How to patch your rig ?

  • Make sure that you select your rigify rig (not the metarig, the real rig, after rigify generation)
  • On Armature Properties, find the new panel "Rigify FootRoll Break Patch"


  • Patch your rig by clicking on button "Patch FootRoll Break" (works on both Human & Pitchipoy rigs)
  • Button is now replaced by a text "already patched!"


  • Enter Edit Mode on armature, adjust new bone "toe-top" to define toe rotation pivot point.


  • Back to pose mode.


How to use your new FootRollBreak feature ?

  • FootRoll Break is Off by default. If you try to roll your foot, nothing happened.
  • A new panel can be found on 3D View Properties


  • Activate FootRollBreak (enable corresponding checkbox)


  • Try to roll your again :
    • At angle defined in parameter, your foot starts to take off, and your toes starts to unfold.
    • At "angle max", defined in parameter, your toes are totally unfolded.
    • In some uncommon cases, foot have some unnatural motion path. In that case, your case tweak "corrective angle" to have a better movement.



Current version works only on biped rigify (default Rigify Rigs for example), but doesn't work with one-leg rigs, or more-than-2-legs rigs.


Version history

  • V1.0 (March 2016)

Initial release



You found a bug ? You can report it

  • here
  • by clicking on "Report a Bug", on addon preferences,
  • or by contact me by email.

Want more ?

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