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FootRollBreak is an addon that enhance Rigify rigs, adding FootRollBreak feature on existing rigify rigs.

FootRollBreak let's your foot have a natural fold / unfold when you roll it.

Why ?

Analysing movement a a foot during walk, we can see that a foot has a 3 pivot point movement.

Current Rigify has only a 2 pivot point system. Solution is to use footrollbreak :)

Quick Start

  • Install FootRollBreak addon, and activate it.
  • Select your rigify rig, and got to armature data properties. A new panel is there :)
  • Patch your rig (works on both Human & Pitchipoy rigs)
  • A new panel can be found on 3D View properties panels (N), near other rigify panels.
  • That's it ! Enjoy :)
  • FootRollBreak will remain enabled on your rig, even if you disable/remove the addon.

Video tutorial

You can see a video with FootRollBreak in action here :

Complete Documentation

Read documentation of FootRollBreak!