Focus - Ui Suite

by Nick Bosse in Scripts and Addons

Current version is 1.0.8 - Full functionality with Blender 2.9 and above is not guaranteed.

Why Focus?
If you've ever explored Blender workspaces, you may have tried out the "3D View Full" Workspace. This was great for navigating, viewing, and doing basic modeling in scenes...but not much else.

When drawing or painting, I don't put my pencils and equipment on top of my sketches, my rulers are not the subject. 3D software should be the same, editors, panels and menus should out of the way and not involved with the workspace and only appear when needed.

What is Focus?
Focus is a Blender configuration for an immersive experience. Blender's amount of panels, buttons, editors and configurations are increasing, but this configuration goes right back to the foundation of what Blender was designed for; Art.

Focus should not be seen as a specific workflow, but more like clearing your desk. Get more art for less Blender with on-screen HUDs, pie menus and dynamic popups. The Toolshelf, View Properties, Viewport and Properties editor functions and many more are completely integrated into a fullscreen 3D view, no longer needing to be docked on the side.


Properties Editor, Toolshelf and View Properties 3D View integration


Substance Painter Instant Export with a custom shader with Materials popup and Substance Painter preparation tools

HDRI Asset Management

Kitbash Authoring and Asset Management with batch export functions

Modifier popups and overlays for fast operation

Modal modifiers with on-screen HUDs

Add Object HUDs and modal operators    

Sculpting tool shelf 3D View integration

Advanced mesh tool integration

All viewport popups and dropdowns integrated into pie menus

Focus Videos:

Installation video:
Kitbash tutorial: