Flip Fluids

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Are you frustrated with the current Blender fluid simulator? Are you tired of spending countless hours baking only to find that your simulation still just doesn't look real? Do you love working in Blender but find that you have to use other software when you need a realistic fluid effect?

NOT ANYMORE! There is a solution, and it is FLIP Fluids!

FLIP Fluids

FLIP Fluids is a powerful liquid simulation addon that gives you the ability to create high quality cinematic fluid effects all within Blender! Created by Ryan Guy and Dennis Fassbaender (check out our interview with the Blender Market!).

The core fluid engine, a modern FLIP-based fluid solver, has been under development for over four years with over two years of development focused on tightly integrating the simulator into Blender as an addon.

The FLIP Fluids simulator was created to improve on many aspects of Blender's internal Elbeem fluid simulation system such as speed, performance, accuracy, customizability, and user experience. We use a familiar and intuitive simulation workflow, so if you have experience with the internal fluid simulator or other fluid simulation software, you will be able to get yourself up and running with FLIP Fluids in no time!

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Check out our FLIP Fluids Demo Video

Key Features

High Performance
The core fluid engine, written in C++, is designed for running high performance computations and massive physics calculations efficiently. Multithreaded and extensively optimized, this simulator is built for speed.
Whitewater Effects
Create awesome large scale fluid effects with the whitewater simulator. Generate and simulate millions of foam, bubble, and spray particles to give a sense of realism to large bodies of water.
Viscosity Effects
Use the highly accurate viscosity solver to simulate thin silky-smooth liquids, thick fluids that buckle and coil, and anything in between.
Built-in Mesh Generation
The built-in mesher generates highly detailed meshes so that your fluid surface is render-ready immediately after simulation. This mesh generator is memory efficient and able to produce meshes containing millions of triangles without requiring massive amounts of RAM.
Fracture Modifier Support
Create interesting destruction simulations by using the FLIP Fluids addon with the Blender Fracture Modifier branch. The fluid engine is optimized to support fractured objects that may contain hundreds to thousands of individual pieces.
Excellent User Experience
The addon interface was designed with a focus on functionality and usability to create a comfortable workflow. View simulation progress, meshes, and statistics in real-time. Pause and resume simulation baking- even after a Blender crash. Create and manage your own preset settings. Quickly apply materials from the fluid material library.
Stable, Reliable, and Built for You
We ran a closed beta testing phase involving over 250 testers to ensure that this complex simulation system is reliable, intuitive, and ready for you to use in your projects. We gathered your feedback and added your suggestions. This addon is built for you!

More Features

  • Simulation
    • Pause a simulation and resume baking at your convenience. Any simulation can be continued from the last baked frame even after a crash or computer shutdown.
    • Set length of animation manually or automatically by framerate.
    • Nearly all simulation settings can be keyframe animated.
    • Hover over any setting to view a tooltip description. Detailed settings documentation and tips are also available on the Wiki.
    • Want to keep the same level of simulation detail while resizing the domain? Lock the simulation voxel size and the addon will automatically adjust grid resolution as you resize the domain.
    • Manage your scene cache directory. Operators will help you rename, move, copy, or delete your cache files.
    • Advanced settings for power users who want to experiment with simulation accuracy and performance.
  • Whitewater Simulation
    • Control the amount of whitewater generated at wavecrests and in areas of high turbulence.
    • Control how foam is carried along the fluid surface: In tight streaks, or diffuse and spread-out?
    • Control how bubbles rise to the surface and how bubbles are advected with the fluid.
    • Control amount of drag on spray particles as they fall to the fluid surface.
    • Set percentages of foam/bubble/spray particles for display and rendering.
    • Render whitewater particles with a simple icosphere or use your own custom object.
  • Mesh Generator
    • Adjust particle size for the particle-to-mesh surface generator.
    • Create high detail meshes by increasing the subdivision level.
    • Generate meshes that wrap smoothly around curved surfaces.
  • Presets and Materials
    • Save your own custom default domain settings.
    • Create and manage domain presets.
    • Organize presets into packages and add custom thumbnail images.
    • Export and share preset packages.
    • Apply multiple presets at once using the preset stack.
    • Quickly apply materials from the fluid material library.
  • Simulation Stats
    • View simulation, timing, and mesh stats for the entire cache or an individual frame.
    • Export stats to CSV format and create your own detailed graphs.
  • Debugging Tools
    • Visualize the simulation and meshing grid.
    • Visualize fluid particles and velocities.
    • Visualize how the simulator 'sees' your obstacle objects to diagnose issues with meshes.
    • View detailed simulation progress in the Blender system console.
  • Obstacle Objects
    • Support for animated obstacle objects.
    • Turn obstacle meshes 'inside-out' to contain fluid inside of the mesh.
    • Accurate fluid-solid interaction against curved surfaces.
    • Control amount of fluid friction against the obstacle surface.
  • Fluid and Inflow Objects
    • Support for animated inflow objects.
    • Manually set inflow velocity, or set velocity towards a target object.
    • Add inflow object velocity to the emitted fluid for realistic animated inflows.
  • Outflow Objects
    • Support for animated outflow objects.
    • Control whether outflow objects remove fluid particles or whitewater particles.
    • Control whether outflows will remove fluid entering the object or leaving the object.

System Requirements

  • Windows, MacOS, or Linux operating system
  • Blender 2.79, 2.80*, 2.81 (64-bit)
  • CPU 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor
  • 8 GB RAM minimum, 16 GB or more of RAM memory is highly recommended

*Blender 2.80 is not fully supported

Blender 2.80 is not fully supported due to severe bugs within Blender 2.80. These bugs can cause frequent crashes when using the FLIP Fluids addon. Blender version 2.81 or later is recommended.

See this topic for the known issues in Blender 2.80

FLIP Fluids Demo

Want to test the FLIP Fluids simulator before you buy? Try the free demo version and create, run, and render your own simulations with a few small limitations! Find out more about the FLIP Fluids Demo here.

What You Get

  • The FLIP Fluids addon installation file
  • Example scenes with lighting and render setups
  • Access to all future updates and new features
  • Tool support
  • Full addon and engine source code

Click for details about the current available downloads!

What the Artists Say

Grant Wilk, Host of Remington Graphics and CGC Weekly

"The FLIP Fluids Blender add-on allows both artists and simulation enthusiasts to do so much more than they could ever imagine within Blender. The work and care put into this add-on is incredible, and has allowed me to expand my knowledge and abilities on multiple levels. A must have for any avid Blender user."

Lawrence Jaeger, 3D & Motion Design Artist

"Having this kind of power inside of Blender is a complete game changer. To be able to stay within the program that I am so comfortable in and create these kind of FX is amazing. If you are wanting to add liquid simulations to your skill set, this addon is a must have!"

Joel Howe, Technical Animator

"A very promising fluid simulation plugin for Blender with a top-notch feature set, including whitewater bubbles and foam. I worked with the beta to get some great visual results from Blender and was very happy with the stable simulation bakes at a range of solver resolutions. Looking forward to integrating FLIP Fluids into my animation production workflow!"

Release Notes

Stable Releases

This section only details the latest stable release. Follow this link for complete and more detailed release notes: Stable Release Notes.

  • version 1.0.7 (Nov 27 2019)  
    • Version 1.0.7 is fully supported in Blender 2.79 and Blender 2.81. Blender 2.80 is not fully supported due to severe bugs that affect the FLIP Fluids addon (See Blender 2.8 Support)
    • Updated addon to use new Blender 2.81 features that improve rendering and baking stability
    • Added a new Dust particle type to the whitewater simulator. Dust particles are generated near obstacles that are marked as dust emitters. Dust particles are advected with the fluid velocity similar to bubble particles and sink towards the ground.
    • Added a 'Dust Emission Strength' parameter to the Obstacle properties section that controls how much whitewater dust the object will generate
    • Added 'Spray Emission Speed' parameter to the whitewater simulator that will scale the speed of emitted spray particles. Increase to generate larger and more exaggerated spray effects.
    • Added option to FLIP Fluid Advanced panel to disable changing topology warning for animated meshes that change topology between frames. Warning: vertex velocities will not be computed for topology changing meshes.
    • Added option to FLIP Fluid Simulation panel to automatically set domain preview resolution based on recommendation
    • Surface and whitewater mesh objects can now be renamed and are no longer required to be child objects of the Domain
    • Fixed misc compile errors and warnings for Linux/MacOS
    • Fixed bug that could cause baking crashes when using the whitewater simulator
    • Fixed bug that could prevent whitewater foam particles from transitioning into spray particles
    • Fixed bug that could cause whitewater particle objects not to be loaded in the viewport
    • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect particle geometry when switching between built-in and custom particle objects
    • Fixed bug that could leave behind stray objects in the scene when removing whitewater meshes
    • Fixed bug that could cause errors when re-loading addon scripts
    • Fixed bug where the 'More Bake Settings' subsection of the FLIP Fluid Simulation panel could not be set as default values
    • Fixed bug where rendering could be disrupted if the 'Auto Load Baked Frames' feature is enabled
    • Fixed bug that could cause grid debugging tools not to display
    • Fixed stray debugging print outs during simulation in the Blender System Console
    • Addon will now initialize the fluid_surface mesh object with smooth shading by default
    • Addon will now automatically toggle Cycles visibility settings on inflow/outflow/fluid objects according to the objects hide render property
    • Addon will now automatically lock the Blender interface (Blender > Render > Lock Interface) upon creation of the domain to prevent render crashes in Blender 2.8x
    • Addon can now visualize the domain bounds independently of the domain grid in the FLIP Fluid Debug panel
    • Removed smoothing operations from FLIP Fluid Surface panel. Amount of smoothing should be set in the fluid_surface object smooth modifier
    • Whitewater particle object can now be set as a built-in 6 sided cube in addition to a 20 sided icosphere or a custom object in the FLIP Fluid Display Settings panel
    • Whitewater display settings section in FLIP Fluid Display panel can now be collapsed in the UI
    • Misc tooltip improvements
    • Misc performance improvements

The next stable version 1.0.8 is in development. For access to the latest features and improvements, try out the experimental releases! Experimental Release Notes.


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