Five 16k HDRIs - HDRI Haven Teaser Pack

by Greg Zaal in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Update: More HDRIs like these are now available at HDRI Haven.

Realistic Lighting with Little Effort


These HDRIs were produced to save you time and provide you the best results without requiring any tweaking or fiddling. Special care was taken during the shooting and editing of these HDRIs to make sure that they give perfect results with no extra effort.

High Dynamic Range

Each of these HDRIs have an extremely high dynamic range, up to 21 EVs, meaning you don't need to add any extra lamps or tweak any nodes to get realistic lighting from the real world.

High Resolution

These puppies have a resolution of 16384 x 8192 - more than enough for use as backgrounds as well as for lighting and reflections.

But if you're tight on memory, don't worry, included in the download are pre-resized versions at 8k, 4k, 2k, 1k and even 256p.

Creative Commons

Sharing is caring! As an artist myself, I know what it's like to want to share a project with some friends even when I know the license of the textures and HDRIs I used don't permit me to.

That's why these HDRIs have a CC-BY license, meaning you're free to use and modify them for any purpose, and even share them around as long as you mention HDRI Haven as the original author.

If it's inconvenient or difficult for you to give attribution, don't worry about it :)

HDRI Haven?

HDRI Haven is a new resource of affordable, high quality HDRIs like these, all of which are also available for free at low resolution.

You can use these HDRIs in most modern render engines that allow image-based lighting. As an example, these are the nodes you would use in Blender's Cycles render engine: nodes   If you want to adjust the rotation, simply add a Texture Coordinate node and a Mapping node: rotation  

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