File Texture Manager

by GW tools in Scripts and Addons

Basic usage:

- the add-on is located in the scene panel

- once the file is open, go to the File Texture Manager panel and press refresh

- after the calculation (can take few second if the amount of textures is huge) the add-on will display all the directories involved.

Some textures where moved and you want to assign the correct path:

A lot of time happens that we move the project around or we lose some textures for some mysterious reason, in this case:

- Press Refresh

- Select the directories that says (n) of them does not exist.

- In the Target Directory paste the correct location.

- Press Set path.

How to assign a new LOD or a variation:

Some times happens that you have different resolution of the same textures, let's say 4k, 2k, and 1k. Maybe you want to preview the render using a 1k resolution, using GPU before cranking up 4k for the final render.
Or maybe your asset in a particular shot is so far away that you wont load the 4k texture set. In this cases:

- Press Refresh

-Select the Directory that involves the asset that you want to assign the LOD textures.

- In the Target Directory paste the LOD directory.

- Press Set path.
(the textures must have the same name and format)

How to copy file to another directory:

At the end of the project we want to backup all the texture in one single place, in Blender we can pack and unpack, but in complex scene this operation can be tedious and also the process is kind of unclear, is way better to keep the blend file and the texture separated. What you can do is:

- Press Refresh.

- Be sure that all the paths are correct (if not  look above how to assign the correct path).

- In the Target Directory paste the location you want to move the textures in.

- press Copy Files

- press Set path to set the path to the new location

(the original files are still in their original location, you you want to delete it, you should it manually, we decided this way to avoid trouble since is an un-doable operation)