by emils-dimension in Scripts and Addons

what else the fibonarray has to offer ?

the fibonarray addon offers real-time control

for various parameters of the created structures, 

such as rotation, scaling, bending, etc. 

parameters do NOT have to be linear, 

but can be fine adjusted using bezier curves. 

also animation of parameters is possible,

just requires to pre-compute resuling images,

due to speed. 

why the fibonarray addon was created ?

blender did not offer any tool to create fibonacci patterns as 

found in many nature objects.  also the workflow for

some kind circular objects (bushes, foliage plants, towers, etc.)

was inconvenient. 

what type of objects can i create ?

duplicated objects are distributed in circular patterns such as:

spiral, star, sphere, cylinder, cone, column  

(the shape can be modified with control-curves and parameters) 

create new structures, with comparable shape.

how do i start ?

install the addon. select any object. press "create fibo" button in the addon-panel.