Electrical Set

by Dan Antonescu in Models

This is a 3d modeled electrical set with a variety of electrical sockets, switches, plugs, and other accessories, designed to complete your interior renderings, adding detail and realism to your final render.

It has a modern and simple design that can be mixed in a variety of interior styles, a design meant not to interfere but to blend in and to bring scale and detail without disturbing the main theme or style of your design choice.

As a 3d model it is subdivision surface friendly, all of the models that need to protrude a wall, are equipped with a boolean object named after the parent object, which makes it easy to cut out the slot for the wall socket without too much effort (as seen in the .gif demo file).

This pack comes with two blender files, one that holds only the 3d models without materials or other settings, and one with the 3d models that have materials applied, lighting setup, just ready to render.

You also get a wood texture free to use as you wish and an hdri sky from www.hdrihaven.com with no strings attached.
Another feature that you will find in both blend files is the assigned vertex groups according to each material for easy use just in case you want to change something fast without having to waste time selecting the desired faces.

Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 2 years ago
Software Version 2.79
License Royalty Free
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