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by mikepan in Scripts and Addons

Easy Game for Blender Game Engine

Easy Game is a collection of tools that allow you to work faster and more efficiently with the Blender Game Engine. It includes:

Easy Material

Easy Material creates physically-plausible photorealistic materials(called uber materials). All you have to do is load in the appropriate textures to fill the slots. No more fiddling with materials and texture settings! The materials created by Easy Material are PBR compatible, so you know they'll look great in any lighting condition. Easy Material supports:

  • Diffuse map
  • Normal map
  • Gloss/Specular map
  • Light map
  • Environment Reflection map
  • Emissive map
  • Alpha map

With the right textures, Easy Material can make any surface look spectacular! The materials created by Easy Material are compatible with the Game Engine and Blender Render.  

Easy Asset

Easy Asset provides pre-built, fully configurable common game assets that can be loaded in with just one click. This way, you can start a project at turbo speed! The assets as fully configurable.

  • Camera Setups: FPS, Orbit
  • Light Setups: fully animated day-night cycle, soft studio lighting
  • Particles: smoke, snow, spark
  • Post-Processing 2D Filters: ambient occlusion, depth of field, color correction
  • Dynamic Mirrors: plane mirror
  • Bonus Assets: barrels, concrete

Easy Asset also includes next-gen quality assets such as barrels and concrete structures as a bonus. concrete barrels particles  

My Commitment

As a Game Engine user myself, I will be updating this tool often to bring you the best BGE experience possible. Please let me know how I can improve this tool. Any existing user will get free update for life.


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  • 8244d73a6467462103b876a44d884fe7

    megalomaniakaal 4 months ago

    Not as useful as I originally expected and has not seen much growth, while the description claims that it would be expanded upon. Might however still be somewhat useful for a new user who has yet to learn to set up even the simplest of lighting setups or create materials for the game engine.

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