Easy Cardboard

by aflatsprite in Modifier Setups

Turn any object into cardboard with a single click! Easy Cardboard offers a seamless blend of geometry nodes and shader nodes, allowing users to effortlessly achieve a variety of cardboard effects with just a few adjustments. Easily age it, color it, and layer it to create the desired look! No need for box assets, scanning, of all the time needed to create it from scratch - this will cover your cardboard needs for a long time! 

*Please note: the setup does not create complex "corrugation" geometry - it is texture based. To see an example see one of the images below. 

From simple boxes to cardboard cities and abstract shapes - convert anything to cardboard, without any worry of texturing and finding the sides, tiling textures or figuring out the ways to age it. 

A Simple Slider for Wear! That includes edge damage, cracks, more prominent dips and rips. 

Color it any way you like! Paint layer will automatically work with the wear!

Forget about aligning corrugation and corrugation side layers manually—the setup takes care of it all based on the UV map!

*Auto-masking requres some resolution. If you see it not working just add a subdivision!

With a simple tri-planar option for the UV, there's no need for UV unwrapping.

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Published 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
License Royalty Free
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