Eastern Meal Set 001

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'Eastern meal set 001'

An 'eastern meal set' is in fact what is says, commonly found in oriental places and for this one I made it specifically with Japanese features based on cherry blossoms

I made this for even many other places has its features on meal sets, japanese items and sceneries are always single. I also enjoy japanese cuisine!
[If you see a description like this or exactly this one in some other works of mine, please do not worry, it simply means they are in the same subjects]

It comes with
* one support
* one shoyu bowl
* one pair of hashi
* one hashi support
* illustrations I made for PNG textures
* materials to complement the colors
* a text file with comments of mine for a guide and the same description seen here

If you have any doubts about the model in Blender itself, please let me know and I will look for how to help and about a japanese meal set itself and how you can apply this model, it may be, for example, simply as an ornament in a room table

Specifically for this work I chose 'Editorial License' because some rules in other licenses go beyond what I agree about, however, there are the ones I agree, so please, contact me to know how far it can go!

Rendered in Cycles


Finished in Blender 2.91.2, may not work so well on older versions

Thank you for visiting my work!
Luiza GR

Published about 1 month ago
Software Version 2.91
Render Engine Used cycles
License Editorial
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