E-Cycles Render Engine

by Mathieu in Scripts and Addons

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  • Yoshito Tajima 2 days ago

    E-Cycles is just amazing !! And Mathieu's support too!! When I use E-Cycles for the first time, it didn't make rendering any faster. So I contacted Mathieu and he investigated my project file until he found out what is wrong with my setting. And finally E-Cycles made my rendering 2 x faster!!

    • Mathieu 2 days ago

      You're welcome Yoshito!

  • David 5 days ago

    unfortunately no help for me, this add-on sometimes is indeed faster than cycles but other timer it's noticeably slower, the results don't look 100% the same as in cycles either, lights seem to give a slightly different tone than in cycles in general and sometimes it corrects artifacts but other times it adds artifacts where there weren't any in cycles, so at the end there is no advantage or disadvantage of using this add-on instead of cycles, fortunately I only bought the 1$ RTX version but I wouldn't recommend paying the full price for a Pro version judging by the results I've seen so far

    • Mathieu 2 days ago

      Hi David,
      I would recommend to read the doc and contact me if you have issues. You need an NVidia card with recent drivers and the scene has to fit on the GPU memory to get a speed benefit. Also, the $1 version has little to do with the Pro version. It only includes the speed-up from the 2019 version of E-Cycles, with all it's limitations. The pro version on the other hand is optimized for optimal performance in complex scenes too.

  • Munyaradzi Feremenga 10 days ago

    I have been using e-cycles since 2019, it's a huge time saver....it is the real deal

    • Mathieu 9 days ago

      Goes straight to my hearth :)

  • Allen Zayden 11 days ago

    Absolutely fantastic! The quick settings and AI denoiser sections of the menu are clean and organized with helpful tooltips. Rendering a large 12 million triangle scene with hair and multiple surfaces with glass/caustics on an RTX 3090 was considerably faster than the out of the box Cycles in 2.92.
    Extremely pleased with the product itself and quick, thoughtful support from Mathieu. An excellent product to save on rendering time when working on a large and heavy scene!

    • Mathieu 9 days ago

      I'm happy to hear the new 2021 optimizations for complex scenes helped you Allen! Working hard for crystal-clear AI denoising currently :)

  • rskennymore 26 days ago

    Doesn't speed up everything. Works great on the BMW benchmark scene so if that's all you're rendering you'll be happy I guess. If you have a scene with a lot of hair or particles in it this does nothing. Only reason it's not one star is he's pretty good at responding initially. Sent a test blender file a month or two ago and haven't heard anything though.

    • Mathieu 11 days ago

      Hi Rskennymore,
      I'm still not sure why the BMW scene took 2 minutes to render with E-Cycles and 3 minutes with Blender on your RTX 3090. I asked the Blender Market to refund you.

  • Mahir Can Küçük about 1 month ago

    E-Cycles is so organized, improved and clearer interface. Massive speed increase. Great tool! Thank you E-Cycles. Now I'm looking forward to upgrading to the RTX version!

    • Mathieu 9 days ago

      Hello Mahir, I'm glad you like the new interface! Goal is to free you from scrolling and tab-switching for the most used options. Feedback and further polishing is always welcome, if your workflow requires a specific option regularly, feel free to reach out :)

  • Gregory Miles about 2 months ago

    E-Cycles is the real deal. If you are doing individual stills you will probably cut your render times in half with an RTX card. If you are doing animations, persist ant data will let you speed up renders to a small fraction of the current.

    Light groups is something that is introduced as well, and the denoiser is great.

  • Robert Nederhorst 2 months ago

    HOLY SHIT THIS THING IS FAST. I have a large volumetric rendering I did in 2.93 and it was 90 minutes. ECycles will get it done in less than 15 :)

    WOW is all I can say. I have paid for my time already and I haven't even used it for 24 hours.

    Also can I say that the response from the developer is awesome. Mathieu is so quick on the replies and did a build for me within hours to solve a problem. Kudos to you sir!

  • Jake Sheldon 2 months ago

    Even with the 2021 Standard (No RTX) version, this has sped up my renders considerably, as advertised. Lot's of thoughtful details throughout - I really love the one-click denoiser setup, which BTW works very well - cleanest results I've seen yet. One thing I am looking forward to is for Persistent Data to work with more than just camera movement. I appreciate the authors constant attention to improving this add-on!

  • Roel 2 months ago

    Super performance boost. Only need a fraction of samples compared to cycles to get the same result. It's a trial and error for a few moments to find the right settings for yourself ofcourse but then it's so much faster. I recommend!

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