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  • Benjamin 4 months ago

    Absolutely stunning results, this is a real time-/lifesaver! For animations with a higher sample count it's about 3-4x faster than regular Cycles with Optix. And "high" samples is really relative here because I am speaking about 250 samples which is still a ridiculously low sample count compared to what you would need without denoising.

    For stills you can go even crazier, meaning in certain circumstances you might even be able to use 1-digit sample counts and get clean results.

    Due to the price I was hesitating a little at first but it was worth every single penny and there's no way you would get anywhere near these time improvements by investing that money in hardware.

  • andreas 5 months ago

    WOW. I really have to say, this was a very good investment. My first goal was to improve the render quality with e cycles. And that is for sure the case. Almost crystal clear results, in areas they where just black or washed out before. In some tests, i achieved so stunning results. And i saw the details for the first time.

    Just for the quality improvement alone, e cycles is the money worth.
    But of course, there is much more to say. The render speed is incredible. It is just superfast. Your final render and also the viewport rendering is much faster then before. If your are using e cycles for the first time, you will have a freezed permanent smile on your face, because you wont believe it how great this render engine really is.

    The setup is totally easy, and done in seconds. Thanks to the easy settings panel. Also the powerful AI denoiser. Damn this thing is great. A few clicks and all the hard work is done for you.

    Mathieu the creator is very friendly and reacts in a short time, if you have questions. This render engine makes it even more fun to work with Blender, which is already a great piece of software.

    I will upgrade to the RTX version as soon as possible.
    If you are serious with Blender, you will not regret it to take it to the next level with e cycles.

    The current standard version for 2.82 with default settings works without any errors or crashes on my system so far.
    WIN10 / Dual Xeon / 128 GB / RTX2060S 8GB

  • Reinhard Werner 6 months ago

    Chapeau Mathieu!!! I am speechless about the speed and quality of your render engine... it's worth every cent. E-Cycles is a must have for everyone using Blender.

    Thank you for the great product!

  • Adam Burke 6 months ago

    2nd year of purchasing E-cycles and I'm constantly shocked when I switch back to vanilla Blender at how slow normal cycles seems. I do a lot of animations and no longer have to use render farms to hit deadlines. I couldn't recommend it more. Plus the small number of technical issues I have had have been addressed quickly by Mathieu in the next released build. Fantastic all round.

  • [email protected] 6 months ago

    Beyond amazing. A+

  • marek 6 months ago

    A bit hesitant to buy at first, due to price and lack of demo version of sorts - but I am now very impressed with speed and quality of this product! I was really struggling with original cycles in terms of its speed and quality thus was forced to use external renderer (octane in this case) - which is allways a bit of a pain - especially when You want to make fast iterations and changes. With this in place - I can finally consider blender as my main complete package in one place.
    Nice and welll explained tutorial as well to adjust the settings accordingly, plus fast support from creator.
    Hope it will only get better from here!

  • elieli 7 months ago

    Very good performance boost. Product is updated regularly we can use latests cycles features but with better speed. Support provided by developer is also very good, very responsive and problems solving. I sincerely recommend!

  • hide2 7 months ago

    It's very expensive as an add-on but great speed.
    Great developer support.
    It is recommended for all those who render cycles.

  • DNMDG 7 months ago

    Takes what's already good about cycles and brings it to next levels. I feel like I have two 1080ti GPUs. Excited at how fast this is going to be when I get a hold of some RTX beasts! The AI Denoiser is amazing and it sets up the nodes for you without you even having to look at the compositor :D

  • Jesse Henning 9 months ago

    Seriously, I can't express how grateful I am for E-Cycles. It has been a game changer in the way that I work. I recently took on a large scale animation project for a client and couldn't use RenderStreet like I used to due to some limitations with my project file size. So I had to render everything locally (8 Core Processor and one RTX 2080TI). I was able to render the entire project (90sec Run Time) in 25 hours with 300-500 samples and AI denoising turned on. I can't ever go back, I am obsessed with E-Cycles. I hope it stays around forever! I am also using it for CGI renders I am doing for a short film. They are all 4K rendered animations that will be comped into live action footage. I am seeing 4K renders finish at around 90 secs per frame on 2 2080TI cards. That's insane! Mathieu is doing incredible work to bolster success in the professional Blender community and helping people get more efficient so they can feed their families. I highly recommend this to anyone using it as a professional. It will save your life!

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