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  • DNMDG 2 days ago

    Takes what's already good about cycles and brings it to next levels. I feel like I have two 1080ti GPUs. Excited at how fast this is going to be when I get a hold of some RTX beasts! The AI Denoiser is amazing and it sets up the nodes for you without you even having to look at the compositor :D

  • Jesse Henning 3 months ago

    Seriously, I can't express how grateful I am for E-Cycles. It has been a game changer in the way that I work. I recently took on a large scale animation project for a client and couldn't use RenderStreet like I used to due to some limitations with my project file size. So I had to render everything locally (8 Core Processor and one RTX 2080TI). I was able to render the entire project (90sec Run Time) in 25 hours with 300-500 samples and AI denoising turned on. I can't ever go back, I am obsessed with E-Cycles. I hope it stays around forever! I am also using it for CGI renders I am doing for a short film. They are all 4K rendered animations that will be comped into live action footage. I am seeing 4K renders finish at around 90 secs per frame on 2 2080TI cards. That's insane! Mathieu is doing incredible work to bolster success in the professional Blender community and helping people get more efficient so they can feed their families. I highly recommend this to anyone using it as a professional. It will save your life!

  • Michael Meli 3 months ago

    The speed is incredible, congrats for your development achievements!

  • Adib Mahmud 3 months ago

    First of all, am I allowed to disclose this? Anyway, you can use E-Cycles or RenderStreet One, they are pretty much competing in the same speed game, in my case. If you are rendering a 10-sec animation on both of them, RenderStreet One will probably finish 2-3 hours early since it processes 3 scenes at a time even though it is slower. The turning point is that E-Cycles is a one-time payment, not monthly.

  • Oli Gerber 3 months ago

    At first probably because of some problems on my windows/graphic drivers/harddisk, who knows, E-Cycles was even slower. So I asked Mathieu for help and his response came within hours I believe, great support already. Then I reinstalled Windows after having bought a new harddisk (could have been hd's fault as well, I suspected it to be abit broken when gaming and doing other stuff). Now E-Cycles is as promised SO MUCH faster!! I do not have any more need of standard blender and I'm VERY happy having bought E-Cylces! Especially for animation, the speed is so much faster, unbelievable!

  • omri 3 months ago

    Well after some days playing around with this version of cycels I have to say, blown away. Rendering a small production animation on my 1080ti. normal cycels is at 6 minutes per frame, E-cycels is at 2 minutes!!! what a change, at first I didn't see much difference because I was testing on a pretty empty test scene, but once I loaded real production scenes with PBR textures and complex light, the difference is real!

  • Nathan 4 months ago

    Having been a Blender user, I left after 8 years of blending because Redshift was not supported. In the year 2020 one should not have to wait for rendered images in a real time world. Between E-Cycles and Eevee, I'm back to Blender and loving it. I thank you again for all the hard work. 10/10

  • Piero 4 months ago

    I Just wanted to post an overdue appreciation for e-Cycles.
    I’m glad I bought it, it changed my experience with Blender for the best.
    I wanted to use Blender for my personal projects but I was a little concerned about render speed. Now I don’t have to worry anymore. Thanks, Mathieu.

  • Tim 6 months ago

    First class product and second to none in customer service. Mathieu could be used as a gold standard for others to follow. He does not get 5 stars consistently for nothing!

  • Vesper 6 months ago

    WAS SKEPTICAL, Took the risk. ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW. MAT you are a freaking beast with this. I don't know why I never went to this before. I'ts worth every penny. Anyone reading this trust me when I say I don't give in to hype, but this build is the REAL THING. I would rate you 10 STARS if I could MAT. Also for whoever is reading this the 99$ version gives you 2.8-2.81, in case you were wondering cause it ain't written there.

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