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  • Dan
    about 1 month ago

    it works as mentioned, best to follow the instructions that come with the purchase to learn how to use E-Cycles at its best. On full AMD setups the speed up consists mostly in getting away with lower samples getting the same quality. Also the suport has been nothing but great for me.

  • Kwin
    about 2 months ago

    Highly recommended, 1st Aug 2021
    If you consider yourself beginner like me
    1. You don't like technical parts. E-cycles may looks complicate with many set up.
    2. If E-cycles sounds very expensive and we can just waiting for coming soon Cycles X

    Let me share my experience
    1.) New E-cycles is easier to use than expected. With new preset. Very Fast, Fast, Medium, High Quality mode. It is just one click to choose than you already get very fast result without spend long time to tweak and test many parameters.

    2. I am actually also want to wait for Cycles X, but after using E-cycles I have no regret to purchase it. Actually what we pay for is not only software but we actually got long term product support. At first I can make my render 4-5X faster and send Mathieu results asking how to make 20X faster like he show in Youtube. He really help me improve until I can see like 20X-40X faster even some quality will dropped at higher speed but it can be my choice to use each set up. During the process you definitely will learn a lot and it really worth the value.

    E-Cycles makes Cycles render fun to use again. It a bit a long review but I would like to thanks and support Mathieu to let him keep continue developing this add-on.
    I hope my feedback will useful.

  • Jaro3D
    3 months ago

    Great ! I'm using only CPU for render, but with SSAA option i can reduce samples and my renders are faster, with quality ... better ! Amazing :)

  • patrick
    3 months ago

    Tried pretty every engine on the market available for blender and this one is probably the most versatile with great efficiency. In this bad times when GPU are 300% more expensive this engine is a bless.

  • cheatcode
    3 months ago

    where it all starts.

    • Mathieu

      3 months ago

      Welcome on board!

  • Adorabus
    3 months ago

    It allows you to change the lights without re-rendering, by using Light Groups, very amazing! If you need support, you get a fast reply too! :)

    • Mathieu

      3 months ago

      Thank you Adorabus!

  • Jose
    3 months ago

    I've used e-cycles for final rendering with great results including both speed increases as well as superior denoising. Mathieu is great with support as well with quick replies and for support inquiries.

    • Mathieu

      3 months ago

      You're welcome Jose!

  • chris
    4 months ago

    I've used E-Cycles for a while now. I absolutely love it. I often do product videos. This add on saves so much time. The new e-cycles 7 pushes the bounds past whatever limit I had thought existed.

    • Mathieu

      4 months ago

      Thank you Chris! I'm happy to see you like E-Cycles 7 :)

  • david
    4 months ago

    Bought E-Cycle a while back and for someone who isnt a pro with all the rendering setting this Addon is a life changer! Sure you probably can achieve similar speed after watching countless Youtube tutorials from all the genius from Blender but I think for majority of people who just want a smooth work flow this is a must have! Not only is Mathieu a Dev Fund Contributor for Blender. The customer support is pretty dang impressive! Sounds like a fanboy right now but can't wait until E-Cycles 7 is out and thank you for building amazing addon on Blender helping the workflow for the rest of us!

    • Mathieu

      4 months ago

      Thank you David! Actually, for later, you can combine the said video tutorials (or the quick presets) with the E-Cycles base speed-up to get even faster rendering. Optimizations working in Cycles will work in E-Cycles too and the 2x speed-up will remain on the optimized scenes too! I recommend to watch the video about 21x and 42x faster rendering also available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17NEdM86vbA&list=PLkUFvnVdVUyKxOfyGWfIA_7l3fRHMAQ9B&index=4

  • Kat
    4 months ago

    I want to first thank Mathieu for being such a dedicated and brilliant Blender artist and creator/coder. E-Cycles is sheer genius and Blender needs to pay Mathieu for the upgrades and code. I am a newbie lighting artist who has set herself a massive goal of lighting 6 full animations for my demo reel by October (6 months or so from now) and E Cycles will do so much to make that possible!! Between the 50 second render times that produce amazing images (you read that right...that's even for 100 samples, you won't need much more samples than that, you could get away with less), the crispness of the images, and so much more that I have barely discovered as I just bought this product 2 days ago, it's a life saver. The quality of images you can create and the time in which they are done puts the fun back into this.
    Mathieu is SUPER HELPFUL and responds promptly to emails (even if there's a lot of them lol) My only complaint is that there isn't a lot of explanation on how to set up all the things this can do in the videos, but he does a great job at answering questions. He also updates the software frequently. Thank you so much for making this!! Kat

    • Mathieu

      4 months ago

      Thank you Kat! I'm working on new in-depth tutorials which show the new features of the 2021.1 update. The first ones like the portal creator and the feature overview with the new denoising options are already available :)

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