by Mathieu in Scripts and Addons

How to choose a variant?

All licenses are perpetual. It means E-Cycles continues to work after support and updates have ended. E-Cycles 2020 will have updates until the 30th of December 2020 and will continue to work in 2021 and after. So you can pick E-Cycles 2020 oR E-Cycles RTX 2020 alone today and work with it as long as you wish.

Currently, the pack E-Cycles RTX 2020 (with version 2.82a, 2.83.8 LTS, 2.90.1, 2.91) plus E-Cycles RTX 2021 (with version 2.83.xLTS + 2.92 and any version that will come out in 2021) is at $37 more than a single year of support. So you get E-Cycles RTX 2020 for $37 so to say ($19 for E-Cycles standard 2020 respectively).

How much does E-Cycles costs in the following years?

If you buy the new version during pre-order (until the end of the year), you get it half-price.

As E-Cycles is 100% compatible with Blender, you can also switch back to Blender and buy a second GPU to match the speed. E-Cycles is delivered with a perpetual license, so it will continue to work and you can stay on any version as long as you want.

With the half-price upgrade offer, you will be able to get E-Cycles 2021 for $75 (about $6/month) and E-Cycles RTX 2021 for $149 (about $12 per month).

Is it compatible with Blender?

Yes, it’s 100% compatible with the official version, including assets, materials, add-ons, textures, etc. everything works out-of-the-box. You can start working immediately.

What about the cool features added regularly in Blender’s builds?

Stable builds are generally released the same day as official Blender builds. You get free updated builds every week too to always get the latest improvements made in master if you prefer having access to bleeding edge features.

Do you offer sidegrades from standard to RTX?

You can sidegrade to any version of E-Cycles any time by only paying the difference between the version you own and the new version of your choice. Just contact me and I'll send you a coupon.