Decal Pack 3 "Connectors" (Decal Machine 2.1 Ready)

by Vinter in Models

This pack contains 20 high quality decals ready to use in any of your models specially in electronic ones.

- Made with Decal Machine 2.1 in Blender 2.90.

- Baked from real geometry with the highest resolution (1024x1024) and 2xAA antialiasing.

- You can modify the height by adjusting the parallax effect.

- Also the color can be changed by creating new materials and applying them using the Decal Machine menu.

Note: To use this pack you need to have Decal Machine (paid) addon installed.


1x USB 2.0

1x USB C

1x USB B

1x Mini USB

1x Micro USB

1x VGA

1x DVI


1x Jack 3.5mm

1x RCA


1x XLR

1x Ethernet

1x Ps/2

3x Power Supply

3x 220V (AC)