Cycles Material Vault (Volume 1)

by Reynante Martinez in Materials, Shaders, Textures


This will serve as a general guide on how to use the product and get you started with rendering your scenes using the materials.

For a more in-depth guide on the material controllers and functions, refer to the PDF guide found on guides > material_guides.

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CMV comes with a very handy add-on which enables you to quickly assign and browse materials. For more info, check out the How to Use video found at guides > videos:

  1. Go to File > User Preferences or press CTRL-ALT-U.

  2. Go to the Add-ons tab and click Install From File at the bottom.

  3. Browse the directory where you downloaded CMV, proceed to the addon folder, select, then click the Install from File button.

  4. Check and enable the Cycles Material Vault add-on and expand to view options.

  5. Click the folder icon under the Cycles Material Vault Add-on Preferences.

  6. Browse for the directory where the CMV folders are located.

  7. A notification should appear confirming that the materials are found. Click the Save Settings button to save the CMV preferences.

  8. To adjust the material parameters, you can access the options under the Material tab or split your screen and assign the other one as the Material Node Editor.

  9. Adjust the controller settings and preview your material on your viewport by pressing SHIFT-Z or do a final render with F12.


  • Auto Assign Material

    When this option is checked, it enables you to quickly browse through the material library (depending on the category selected), and assigns it to object selected in the 3D Viewport.

    For a better experience, set your 3D Viewport’s mode to Rendered (SHIFT-Z) to see the results instantly.

    NOTE: On some systems, quick switching between materials may cause Blender to crash. In this case, set the Preview samples under the render options to a low value, then wait for the preview render to finish before clicking the next or previous buttons.

  • Setup Environment

    When this button is clicked, it shows a notification on Blender’s header and creates a new World Node with an HDR image set up. This is beneficial when testing your materials on the go.

  • Bonus Assets

    When this button is clicked, it shows a list of models and objects which you can directly load onto your 3D Viewport. Clicking the Import Model button will add the model to your scene.


CMV is divided into five main folders namely: addon, bonuses, guides, material previews, and materials, each containing a variety of file formats and useful info.


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