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Cuber is developed for a fast and intuitive use of the intersect (boolean/knife) feature in Blender's edit mode. This gives artists looking to give their poly modeling a boost whether they're using subd or non-subd surfaces more freedom and control in creating shapes. By creating a list of unique bevel weight values used in the work mesh Cuber lets you easily manage the bevel effects assigned to the edges of the work mesh, this along with the bevel weight slider function which operate in real time tied to a bevel modifier parameter setup and the capture sharp feature to quickly select the sharp edges gives you a better workflow when creating high resolution hard surface assets. The add-on also lets you bake the hi-res bevel segments roundness to a low res version of the mesh using much less bevel segments allowing for a lighter scene and quicker renders.

Download the PDF guide here for detailed information on each of the functions in the add-on.

Watch the Demo Video pt 1.

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  • Take advantage of Difference, Union, Cut and Intersect operations to quickly generate shape and detail anywhere on the 3d mesh without having to manually  draw topology.
  • Quickly assign and  remove bevel strengths on any selected edge and instantly see the bevel modifier effect in edit or object mode.
  • Great control on  sharpening edges to get rid of shading distortions in ngon faces when beveling.
  •  Take advantage of draw  based cutters in object and edit mode.
  •  You can create low res  and hi-res versions of the same hard surface models.
  • Save copies of your  work mesh by creating "snapshots" which you can easily  select and go back to.
  •  Interactive symmetry operators for faster mirroring.
  • Easily manage and view the "cuber" mesh using Isolate and Highlight.
  •  Quickly assign viewport material colors which you can bake to vertex colors for a faster method of conceptualization.

Be sure to use the latest Blender buildbot version:  Download Blender

Pie Menu Hotkey

ALT+X in 3d View 

Can be changed in user preferences.

How to install

Extract the .py file from the .zip folder and copy to add-ons folder.

All necessary instructions to operate the tools is contained within the Youtube tutorial. All proceeding updates will have video demos as well. See the video tutorial here...

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  • D U 9 months ago

    Excellent Addon

  • Robert Wesseling 12 months ago

    I have several addons (paid) that work with Boolean. The strong point of this addon is that you can precisely add the Boolean-mesh on the right place (vertice, edge) in Edit mode. Nice and understandable workflow. If you are not familiar with bevel weight it's good to do a bit of research to get all out of the addon. Thanks for the nice work, Regards, Robert

  • tofmusik94 over 1 year ago

    Great Addon but I have some problems with a simple Cube (Artefacts). I don't understand...

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