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Cuber is an add-on designed to greatly improve the use of boolean operation for modeling inside Blender's Cuber is developed for a fast and intuitive use of the intersect (boolean/knife) feature in Blender's edit mode. This gives artists looking to give their poly modeling a boost whether they're using subd or non-subd surfaces more freedom and control in creating shapes. By creating a list of unique bevel weight values used in the work mesh Cuber lets you easily manage the beveleffects assigned to the edges of the work mesh, this along with the bevel weight slider function which operate in real time tied to a bevel modifier parameter setup and the capture sharp feature to quickly select the sharp edges gives you a better workflow when creating high resolution hard surface assets.

Cuber is part of the kitbash modeling package which includes Ice Tools Pro.

Watch The Full Tutorial Here...


  • Take advantage of Difference, Union, Cut and Intersect operations to quickly generate shape and detail anywhere on the 3d mesh without having to manually draw topology.
  • Quickly assign and remove bevel strengths on any selected edge and instantly see the bevel modifier effect in edit or object mode.
  • You can create low res and hi-res versions of the same hard surface models.
  • Save copies of your work mesh by creating "snapshots" which you can easily select and go back to.
  • Minimalist and easy to understand UI makes it easier to use and learn on the go.
  • Interactive symmetry operators for faster mirroring.
  • Easily manage and view the "cuber" mesh using Isolate and Highlight.
  • Quickly assign viewport material colors which you can bake to vertex colors for a faster method of conceptualization.

*** Changes for v2.1 ***

Added "Add Cylinder" operator 

Added align to view when aligning the intersector mesh/cuber mesh 

New settings for Quick Assign feature 

Bevel weights in Quick Select can now read up to decimal places of 3 

Exposed "Mirror Entire Mesh" in UI 

Fixed margin error in Quick Select bevel weights list 

Removed View Wireframe Zoom Threshold feature 

Added the Use Clamp Overlap option for the Quick Assign Sliders 

Added Synchronize Settings operator 

Added Capture Sharp operator

Pie Menu Hotkey

ALT+X in 3d View

Can be changed in user preferences


Add Cube

Adds a cube mesh in edit mode to serve as the intersector shape.

Enables 3d cursor surface snapping on use.

Added to 3d cursor position if no elements (verts/edges/faces) are selected.

Undo menu (F6) has option to change radius and alignment.

Add Cylinder

Adds a cylinder mesh in edit mode to serve as the intersector shape.

Enables 3d cursor surface snapping on use.

Added to 3d cursor position if no elements (vert(s)/edge(s)/face(s)) are selected.

Undo menu F6 has option change radius, segments, thickness and alignment.

Symmetry Operators

Used to mirror the intersector mesh/cuber mesh on different axis.

User interface has option to mirror entire mesh instead (displayed as invert icon in the T panel UI).


Renders the faces of the main mesh invisible and highlights the intersector mesh.

Verts and edges of the main mesh with the faces hidden can be selected.

Can be toggled to reverse its effect.


Unselects the main mesh and highlights or selects the intersector mesh.


Activates difference/subract boolean operation between the main mesh and the intersector mesh.

Adds new material to the resulting faces (color based on the Color Bar if present else it will default to white).


Activates the union/add boolean operation between the main mesh and the intersector mesh.

Adds new material to the resulting faces (color based on the Color Bar if present else it will default to white).


Activates the intersect(knife) operation and creates a cut line based on the overlap between themain mesh the intersector mesh.


Activates the intersect boolean operation between the main mesh and the intersector mesh and creates a new shape based on their overlap (this also subtracts from the main mesh).

Color Bar

Shows and changes the viewport color assigned to the material of the face(s) selected.

Assign New Material

Assigns a new material to the selected face(s).

Color is based on the assigned color in the color bar.

Assigned material has no surface node and displayed color is for viewport (rendering this will use diffuse shader).

Removes unused material unless it is in material list of a boolean modifier object appended to the active object's material lists (this is to avoid removing materials set by Ice Tools Pro when using the boolean operation for the link meshes).

To undo its effects, be sure to do it in object mode since the operator jumps between edit to object mode to clean the materials and both modes have different undo stacks.

Capture Sharp

Selects sharp edges based on selection of face(s).

If verts or edges are selected it will capture sharp edges inside inner region of a complete edgeloop.

Undo menu has option to change sharpness angle and select bigger toogle for edgeloop selection.

Auto Smooth

Activates auto smooth based on set angle in undo menu (F6), default is 30.

Necessary for non-subd modeling and is used to get rid of shading artifacts.

Quick Assign Sliders

Contains the Bevel Weight, Width, Segments and Profile sliders to control bevel weights assignment for the edge(s) selected.

Adds a bevel modifier named "Cuber Bevel" to the modifier stack reflecting the values present in the Width, Segments and Profile sliders.

Effects are activated when using the sliders with elements selected in the mesh e.g. vert(s), edge(s) or face(s).

The refresh icon is used to set the present Bevel Weight value to the selected edge(s) without affecting the sliders.

Applies the scale of object automatically so beveling always behaves correctly even after transforming work mesh in object mode.

Use Clamp Overlap is used to activate clamp overlap in the Cuber Bevel modifier (Off by default).

Push Bevel Modifier To Top setting is used to push the Cuber Bevel modifier to top of modifier stack (On by default).

Remove Other Bevel Modifier is used to remove all other bevel modifiers except the Cuber Bevel if it's not present in the modifier stack (On by default).

*Settings are applied upon using the quick assign sliders, for quick effect use the refresh icon.

Synchronize Settings

Used with the Cuber Bevel modifier, if settings (width, segments, profile, use clamp overlap) are different than the quick assign sliders the operator appears.

When used the values and settings of the Cuber Bevel modifier is copied to the quick assign sliders.

Will assume that you have Push Bevel Modifier To Top on if Cuber Bevel modifier is on top of modifier stack.

Will assume that you have Remove Other Bevel Modifier on if Cuber Bevel modifier is the only bevel modifier in the stack.

This operator is created for continuity purposes when working with meshes with the Cuber Bevel modifier so quick assign slider settings will always conform to the ones used on the selected mesh.

Quick Select Box List

Displays all unique bevel weight values assigned to the edge(s) of the work mesh.

Click to select the edge(s) with the bevel weight value assigned.

Undo menu (F6) has the option to extend the selection (Off by default).

The bevel weights stored are up to decimal places of 3 but only displays 2 to keep the integrity of the UI, to see the true value hover the mouse on a particular bevel weight listed.


Applies the Cuber Bevel modifier and removes all bevel weights assignment.


Removes the Cuber Bevel modifier and keeps all the bevel weights assignment, undo menu (F6) has option to remove bevel weights assignment as well (Off by default).

To keep the UI simple there is no operator to enable/disable the bevel modifier in the viewport so to work light in edit mode just remove the bevel then add the bevel modifier again by selecting a bevel weight or unselecting everything in edit mode then use the refresh icon.

Take Snapshot

Creates a physical backup of the work mesh.

You can switch between the copies using the snapshot list in the T panel UI or remove them using the minus (-) icon.

Shows up on render so remove all backup copies when modeling is done.

Do not use this on a target mesh when using Ice Tools Pro.

Show Active Snapshot

Show up when selecting a backup copy without using the snapshots list.

Hides all the backup copies and selects the active snapshot copy or workmesh.

See readme file for further details...

How to install

Extract the .py file from the .zip folder and copy to add-ons folder.

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All necessary instructions to operate the tools is contained within the Youtube tutorial. All proceeding updates will have video demos as well. See the video tutorial here...

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  • D U 4 months ago

    Excellent Addon

  • Robert Wesseling 7 months ago

    I have several addons (paid) that work with Boolean. The strong point of this addon is that you can precisely add the Boolean-mesh on the right place (vertice, edge) in Edit mode. Nice and understandable workflow. If you are not familiar with bevel weight it's good to do a bit of research to get all out of the addon. Thanks for the nice work, Regards, Robert

  • tofmusik94 about 1 year ago

    Great Addon but I have some problems with a simple Cube (Artefacts). I don't understand...

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