Cryo Pod - Low Poly Scifi 3d Game Asset

by Ponte Ryuurui in Models

CRYO pod, low poly original concept scifi 3D game asset / UV unwrapped - non-overlapping.  Clean shading, non-bevelled, non-subd, ngons used.

Included: .blend (native) /.fbx / .obj / .mtl / .stl files

Textures are not included.

Blender file has doors parented to the empties for easy management. 

Please see reference images for more details on geometry. 

NOTE: Included are decal alphas and screenshots showing correct decal placement. 

NOTE2: 1 decal alpha was replaced (inner part of the pod, central large panle decal, was replaced wioth a symmetrcial updated version)

NOTE3: Aion stasis pod render is a visualisation / eevee render/