Crown Molding Pack

by Jeff Lange in Models

Custom Crown Molding in 3 seconds!

Blender Add-on with 13 custom helper functions, and 46 curves for quick, beautiful, easy to update crown molding and trim.

Super Fast Crown Molding

Adding Crown Molding into your scene takes 3 seconds with the Crown Molding Tools. The Crown Molding Pack offers 46 options, so you'll find a crown molding or trim that fits your scene perfectly.

Helper Tools to Put You In Control

Curves are powerful, and with the Crown Molding Tools Add-on, you'll be in full control of your scene.


  • 46 Easy to change Paths
    • 15 Crown Molding Paths
    • 1 Wall Base Path
    • 25 Trim Paths - great for picture frames, door frames, and tons more
    • 5 Middle Trim Paths - great for walls
  • 13 Powerful Tools
    • Make crown molding in 3 seconds, with easy adjustments to perfect your scene
  • Video and Text Documentation
    • Get up and running in 2 minutes
    • Learn how each of the tools works


2.0 - New Add-on and 29 more paths

1.1 - Documentation Update

  • Added Making Corners Text and Video Tutorial
  • Added Complete Scene Video Tutorial

1.0 - Initial Launch