Crimson Ronin - Pbr Character Creation For Games

by p2design in Training

Learn to use ZBrush, Substance Painter, and Blender side by side through the entire sculpting, texturing, and rendering process. We will use Zbrush for sculpting, Blender for modeling, retopology UVs and mapping, Substance for texturing, and then Blender’s Eevee for rendering. This three-tool pipeline closely reflects what many professionals and studios use and helps you to become a more versatile and capable artist.

English subtitles now available.

In this course I will show you my whole process to create a current gen PBR character for games.

This course cover every single step from sculpting to the final render inside of Blender realtime engine EEVEE.

47 videos, for over 9 hours of detailed process, including step by step technical explanation, commented video and timelapses. All videos are professionaly edited.

All production files available (Zbrush sculpt, OBJ files, blender files, substance painter project, textures, references, HDRi)

Chapters descritpion :    

- Overview of the course, the goals and the files

- Character sculpting in Zbrush

- Armour and equipement sculpting in Zbrush and Blender

- Retopology in Blender

- Optimised UVs creation in Blender

- Advanced baking technics in Blender

- Base texturing in Blender and Photoshop

- Texturing in Substance Painter

- Posing and render in blender EEVE

In the end, you should know how to create a PBR character for games with a low polygon budget (under 10K triangles).

Artists testimonials

At this point I am not surprised by Pierrick's quality made courses. If creating a low poly character for games is something you are looking for then you have found the right course!

Yanal Sosak - Character Artist - Content Creator - Youtuber 

Pierrick created another great course with a stunning result. This course is definitely for more advanced users, since it is a mixture of tutorial and commented timelapses. If you are into game characters, and have a bit of experience already, you will enjoy it and learn a lot! I especially liked all the helpful tips and tricks he is giving along the way.

Zacharias Reinhardt - Founder and Lead Instructor at CG Boost

This course communicates the philosophy of 3D character design through a succinct & expert demonstration

Tom Murphy - Former senior 3D designer at Marvel - creator of The shadows lengthen

A truly complete character workflow course packed with creative and technical insights

Fin O'Riordan - Freelance 3D Generalist

Pierrick's Crimson Ronin course is amazing from top to bottom, it's complete and very clear, even someone like me that know nothing about modeling was able to follow every step of the way, I love that he gives a big part to the technical approach to the process helping you confront projects like this with a solid ground.

Luciano A. Muñoz Sessarego - Animator 

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