Create Photorealistic Shoes From 3d Scan

by Pitiwazou in Training

This comprehensive tutorial course guides you through all the steps to create photorealistic Adidas shoes in 3D, starting from a 3D scan captured using the Reality Scan or Meshroom applications and using the power of Blender 3.5!


The goal of this tutorial is to create an HD asset used for production with all the details possible!
We start with a 3D scan, make retopology, add modifiers, and make the shading and lighting part.
This is not just a photogrammetry tutorial since we will only use the 3D Scan as a reference to make the asset 100% identical.
So, you will learn to make a photorealistic asset from scratch!


• Over 23 hours of step-by-step tutorials, 1080p, 30fps
• 39 videos
• Project files (3D scans, cleaned scan, final scene and textures)
• Software Used: Blender 3.5, Reality Scan, Meshroom, Photoshop
• Skill level: Intermediate or beginner adventurer!


Capture the details with Photogrammetry

Use Reality Scan or Meshroom or any other photogrammetry app to obtain an accurate 3D scan of the Adidas shoes, following my tips for high-quality results.

Manage and clean the scan, import the 3D scan into Blender, and learn how to clean it up to prepare a solid foundation for modeling.


Master the principles of retopology to achieve optimized and professional topology suitable for the Adidas shoes.


Once you have prepared the clean base model, it's time to unleash your creativity and give your Adidas shoe model a realistic touch through the exciting process of sculpting. In this section of this tutorial, I will guide you through the intricate art of sculpting, enabling you to bring out the finest details and nuances of your shoe design.


Shading is a crucial aspect of creating a truly photorealistic Adidas shoe model. In this section of this tutorial, we delve into the art of procedural shading, guiding you through the process of adding realistic materials and textures that will make your shoe come alive.

To add ultra-realism to your project, you will learn how to create fabric from meshes.

Unleash Impressive Details, elevating Your Adidas Shoe Model to the Extraordinary


In the final stages of creating your Adidas shoe models, mastering lighting and rendering techniques are essential to bring your creation to life and achieving stunningly realistic results. In this section of this tutorial, I will guide you through the art of lighting, and rendering, enabling you to showcase your shoe model in its best light.


Cutting-edge expertise: Experienced 3D Freelancer, I share my knowledge and best practices to help you progress quickly.
Current techniques: Learn the latest techniques used by industry professionals.
Flexibility and accessibility: Follow the tutorial at your own pace and access all the necessary project files.


Master the creation of photorealistic Adidas shoes from 3D scans to open up new career opportunities.
Passion and creativity: Express your artistic style while gaining essential skills in 3D modeling and rendering.

Don't miss this opportunity to become a 3D creation expert. Take a copy now and bring impressive 3D artwork to life!

Published 24 days ago
Blender Version 3.3, 3.4, 3.5
License Editorial
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