Crashed Aircrafts Pack

by Quinten Pillen in Models

Crashed Aircrafts Pack!

This pack contains a crashed helictoper and Fighter jet. Game-Ready and low-poly! Perfect for Close-up renders and realtime projects.

You can choose to purchase only the Crashed Helicopter or the Crashed Jet.

The models PBR and contain the following 2k texture maps:
-Ambient Occlusion

The materials are set up using the principled shader (Blender 2.79+). The models work perfectly with subdivision surface modifier. Both the helicopter and jet are made up of 3 parts, each parented to an empty. Everyting is named accordingly, and so are the materials. There shouldnt be any confusion.

The model has clean topology and UV islands. No cleaning up necessary, just drop your model into the scene and start rendering.

I hope you enjoy the models!