Conjuresdf For Blender 3.3 - Public Alpha (Windows/Linux)

by João Desager in Addons

NOTE: ConjureSDF v0.1.7 supports 3.3.x (with reduced support for 3.6)
It also only works on Window and Linux, MacOS is currently not supported.
Be sure to read the FAQ and Current Limitations below before purchasing.

Please research this product properly before buying it. It is in an Alpha state so expect missing features, bugs, crashes, etc.

SDF rendering and meshing is very intensive, 16GB of ram and a GTX 1070/RTX 2060 (or equivalent gpu) are recommended!


  • 12 non destructive SDF primitives (Box, Sphere, Cylinder, etc.)

  • 4 Boolean operations (Union, Subtract, Difference, Intersect)

  • 4 Blending modes (None, Smooth, Chamfered, Inverted Round)

  • Nested Primitives: Create complex shapes from simple primitives

  • Conjure Vision: a custom Raymarched SDF Rendering Engine

  • Scene Management Tools: reorder and (un)nest primitives

  • SDF to Mesh conversion (dense voxel output)

  • Per primitive modifiers (world mirror, solidify, rounding)

Purchasing a copy of ConjureSDF Public Alpha entitles you to updates, technical support and access to a private Discord server.
While the Alpha will receive some big updates. Beta, 1.0 and other major versions will be separate purchases (owners of Alpha will be able to upgrade to these at significant discounts)

Pricing for major versions is as follows:
Alpha - 40 EUR, Beta - 60 EUR, 1.0 - 80 EUR, 2.0+ - 80 EUR
With each major version including at least a year of updates.
Current owners of Alpha get a discount for Beta, only having to pay for the difference in price (i.e. 20 EUR)
The exact price increases might be lower depending on sales performance (but never higher)

Sales 100+
Customer Ratings 2
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Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 3.3
License GPL
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