The Ultimate Procedural Colored Gemstones Collection For Cycles

by ROHRBACH in Models

When I first created this collection, my homework was done. But now, I just outdid myself to create what we can honestly call the ultimate procedural gemstone collection for CYCLES.

After working on 3D flaws and inclusions in diamonds on a render that got featured, I decided that it was time to create an outstanding colored gemstones collection, and achieve it by procedural means... The result is here. As I explain in the tutorial, some gemstones do have some underlying geometry to provide the best looking results, I think you will agree. All the rest is node based. I used the real world INDEX of REFRACTION for each mineral, and the result is here to speak. RENDERS in CYCLES.

- DIAMOND and BLACK DIAMOND with inclusions and dispersion.
- CORUNDUM: ruby, sapphire and colored sapphires.
- BERYL: Emerald, Aquamarine, Morganite, Heliodor with inclusions.
- TOPAZ: Yellow, blue and pink.
- TOURMALINES: multi-color, double refraction, inclusions and tubular effect.
- GARNET: Almandine, Hessonite and Demantoid.
- QUARTZ: White, Citrine, Amethyst, Smoky and Rose.
- OPALS: set for light and black opals.
- LAPISLAZULI with pyrite and dirt inclusions.
- ONYX: black.
- AGATE: multicolor.
- TURQUOISE with pyrite and dirt inclusions.
- OBSIDIAN: arrow shaped.
- CORAL: red.

HDR included

Nodes are grouped/organized to make tweaking easier for each material. Some gemstones have several materials and geometry to create the right sets of colors, flaws and inclusions.

I specially loved creating this collection, it will work wonders for your gemstones, sculptures, characters, objects, jewellery and more!

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