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by Jacques Lucke in Models

Wake up Blenders Text Editor!

Scripting is an important part of working with Blender professionally. It enables you to optimize Blender for your specific work. Or as Sebastian König said in his talk at the Blender Conference 2014: "If you don't optimize Blender for your own workflows, then you are doing it wrong."

Why did I develop this Addon?

Some time ago the Blender Market organized a Blender Addon Contest. While I thought about what kind of addon I will develop, I read the contest description many times. Suddenly it became very clear what I had to do! The whole purpose of the contest was to motivate the developers in the community to write more addons which improve Blender for artists. This is the end goal for sure, but maybe it would be better to make it easy to develop addons first and develop the tools for artists afterwards.


The addon consists of three main parts that you can use independently or altogether.

  1. Autocompletion:
    Like in other code editors and IDEs this helps you to concentrate on the task at hand, because it assists you remembering the identifiers you already used and reduces the amount of api lookups in your browser. As a side effect it minimizes the very often occuring NameError exception when you misspell a name accidently.
    The suggested words you get when you start typing are put together by multiple Autocompletion Providers, one of which is the awesome Jedi autocompletion library for python.
  2. Templates:
    Most of the time when you develop addons for Blender you create Panels, Menus, Operators, ... These classes always have the same structure. The Code Autocomplete addon provides you with templates for these often used classes and some more. With these templates you can assemble your script/addon within seconds and focus on the things that separate your script from others.
  3. Addon Development Tools:
    The Autocompletion and Templates allow you to quickly write single file scripts and addons. This is great for tests, but as soon as you want to get serious with your addons you should start to separate your code into multiple files. Until now it was quite hard to get started with multifile addons because there was no clear way to do it. Also you have know much more about how python packages work and how Blender actually loads your addon.
    My main goal here was to provide a generic multifile addon template that cares about the stuff you don't want to care about!
    Furthermore you will get a file browser in the text editor and a new Run button that not only executes one file but executes/reloads the whole addon you're working on.

Please look into the documentation for more information.

When you should not buy the addon:

  1. You don't use Blender.
  2. You never ever write any python code for Blender.

The price includes all future updates.

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  • Mingfen Wang 21 days ago

    This add-on is very helpful, I have noticed that there are a few changes since the product release, and I have patched the source code according to the GitHub version, it is simple.
    Thank you for the great job.

  • niittymaa over 1 year ago

    Fantastic addon for anyone who write scripts!! Just wondering how this is different than that version in github?

  • Andreas Esau over 1 year ago

    If you are creating blender addons. This is a must have :)

  • smwyatt45 over 2 years ago

    This is an awesome plugin! I hope you continue to work on it!

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