Character Design & Sculpting Using Fractals

On Sale! by Sergey Jung in Training

As artists we are always trying to understand how to create exciting and creative great looking art/characters and improve our pipeline to make it happen in rapid time as it’s possible. I’ve been sneaking around this topic and figured one of the ways to improve overall design and sculpting process. I’m so excited to share those thoughts with you in this tutorial.

We’ll go through how to use fractals for generating ideas and rapid concepts for your characters and how to sculpt it.
Also, we’ll come up and learn such topics as:

– How to come up with unique character design using fractals with generated formulas
so this way you are not supposed to spend alot of time to design and figure how overall concept should look like
– How to build your own creature from scratch and directly in 3D workflow
– Mandelbulb 3D and blender forkflow for generating fractals and sculpting and modify character
– How to export from Mandelbulb 3D and other settings and tricks

All exercise files are provided:
– .blend files (block out, middle milestones and finished model, generated 3D fractal in OBJ)

– alpha textures for brush to make skin wrinckles

So lets get started and enjoy the creating character process!:)



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