Multi Cannon Asset Pack

by MagicCGIStudios in Models


Here we have a extremely detailed Cannon Asset Pack for your consideration to use within your own Project/Scene/Game

3 Different types of Cannon

9 Different variations of Cannon

This pack consists of the following Models:

6 Pounder Brass Barrel Cannon - Model 1841:

6 Pounder Bronze Barrel Cannon - Model 1841:

6 Pounder Iron Barrel Cannon - Model 1841:

12 Pounder Brass Barrel Cannon - Armstrong design M-1736:

12 Pounder Bronze Barrel Cannon - Armstrong design M-1736:

12 Pounder Iron Barrel Cannon - Armstrong design M-1736:

36 Pounder Brass Barrel Naval Cannon:

36 Pounder Bronze Barrel Naval Cannon:

36 Pounder Iron Barrel Naval Cannon:

Modelled in Blender 2.79/2.80

Textured in Substance Painter 2

All Modifiers closed

All Cannons named accordingly in the Outliner

Approximate real world scale

Rotation & Scale applied

The Floor (Ground) planes shown in the Renders are not included

PBR 2K Resolution Maps: BaseColor, Metallic, Roughness & Normal

Unwrapped - non overlapping UVs

Please note if you are using EEVEE:

You may need to go into the Render Properties Tab - Performance - `Enable High Quality Normals`

Lighting and Camera are on Layer 2

The HDRI used in the Renders is not included (There are loads of free ones out there!)

All Textures are included/packed within the Blend file

This is a .blend file (unzipped .7z file provided)

All of these Cannons are available individually here on my Blender Market Store if you are only interest in certain ones

If you do decide to purchase these Models I wish to thank you in advance, you will also be making a valuable contribution to the Blender Development Fund, lets keep this going as none of this would be possible without them!

Hope you like my Models :)

Any queries please do get in touch

Thanks for your interest & support!


Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 2 years ago
Software Version 2.79, 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee, freestyle
License Royalty Free
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