Cablecam: Cinematic Camera Movement Rig


CABLECAM: The Ultimate Cinematic Movement Rig!

Are you tired of tediously animating your camera moves? 

Maybe you spend hours trying to get a sweeping camera move perfect....only to find out you the position and rotation of your camera seem too forced and unnatural.

Fear no more!!!

The Cablecam: Cinematic Movement System is here!

The Cablecam rig and add-on is designed to allow you to create cinematic sweeping camera moves with little effort. Using the three axis control system you traditional camera animation for you can be a thing of the past.

Simply choose where you want your camera to look for certain moments in your scene, then choose where you want your camera to be at that moment, and then correct your horizon with the rotation control. This could mean sweeping around your subject in a cinematic fashion, doing effortlessly slow tracking in on your subjects to build tension in your scene, or even attaching the camera rig to a "cable" using our buttoned script that tracks around your scene in a custom path(Hence the name...Cablecam).

Below is a video showing how to install and control the add-on and rig. We hope you like it!

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  • Ralph Gauer 9 months ago

    Very nearly perfect!

    The camera and tracking operations works perfectly... but after adding a cable and
    a keyframe, I can no longer move the camera... That is to say, I:

    1. Add cablecam camera
    2. Add cablecam cable
    3. Edit/move cable points
    4. Slide camera to test
    5. Add start keyframe.
    6. Advance to new frame number
    7. Try to move camera, without success.

    Windows 10, Blender 2.79.

    Manually adding a nurbs path, then adding a follow path constraint and
    animating evaluation time DOES work, however, and I am very happy...
    Just wanted to report in case it was a bug rather than a goof at my end....

    But the tracking is easy to set up, works well and is as smooth and easy to use as described. And if the cable problem is mine, I will revised this post...


    • Joseph Hamilton about 1 month ago

      Hi Ralph...working on this bug right now. Will update this very soon! Thank you and apologies for the bug. Cheers from Los Angeles! -Brad

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