by Curtis Holt in Scripts and Addons

Version 6
(Make sure to restart Blender after removing the previous version)

Generative Modeling Toolkit for Blender 2.8

BY-GEN contains a collection of tools for creating generative content inside of Blender. This addon includes techniques for non-destructive generative modeling, as well as structured generators that allow you to build modular structures from pre-made parts, powered by Blender's collection system. 

Please read the wiki for more information:

Old Videos:

Introduction to the addon.

Version 2 new features.

Version 3 new features.

Making a Sci-Fi Environment with BY-GEN.

Version 5 new features.


Install from the zip provided. If the add-on does not immediately appear in the add-on list, then you can manually move the files into the correct directory.

See here for assistance with troubleshooting installation issues.