B-Vfx (Blender Vfx) Nodes

by Spencer Magnusson in Render Setups

By a VFX artist, for VFX artists

As I've worked in VFX, both with post-productions teams and as a freelancer, I've composited with Blender as well as Nuke, Photoshop and After Effects.  Based on what I use in my own work, I developed this compilation of nodes to enhance VFX workflow, including filters based on effects in other software packages.

Light Wrap - simple, but effective

Light wrap is a simple VFX technique - add color and light from a background to make VFX integration more seamless.  Despite it being commonly used, it's only pre-made into a standalone filter in Nuke or Natron.  Now, the filter is available in Blender, with similar inputs and output options.

RGB Noise/Grain - No Texture Nodes, Just Noise

You read that right.  No texture nodes to generate noise.  Inspired by Nuke's grain node, it includes settings for each RGB channel: noise scale, brightness and contrast.  The noise also updates per frame automatically.

Lens Distortion - With Alpha

Implemented in Blender 3.5

Often, our camera lens has distortion, especially near the edges.  When compositing with CG layers, it's good to make sure they match.  This node group takes alpha into account and uses the same settings as the original node - even the projector, jitter, and fit options.

Vibrance - Smartly Adjust Saturation with One Slider

Based on Photoshop's Vibrance filter, this node group adjusts the saturation relative to both the saturation and luminance of the image, protecting your colors from oversaturation and leaving grayscale areas alone.

HSV Mask - Isolate Skin Tones and more

Along with adjusting vibrance, Photoshop does something else to make its filter unique - preserve skin tones.  Along with the vibrance node group, I provided a mask generator based on any hue, saturation, and value range that you choose.  This perfectly fits with the vibrance's mask input, allowing you to preserve or only change skin tones.

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