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Box Cutter7.1.2


BoxCutter is a fully featured Boolean system more powerful than Booltool and Hard Ops combined however goes in a direction that is unique and different.

This is not an extension. This is a separate tool. Focused purely on cutting.

 The features and workflows developed in Hard Ops are intended to streamline and speed up the hard surface workflow. Box Cutter is merely a concept of another idea that was just too big to be just a button in another plugin.


There is an extensive roadmap and we have our eyes on some very interesting features. With time and support we can turn this into something that will cut a new slit in the cg world.

Developed by AR, MX, JL and endless python mercs.

[email protected]

Getting Started

Boxcutter can be started 1 of 3 ways.

- press Alt + W

- click the Boxcutter icon in the T-Panel






Basic Usage

Once active Boxcutter can be used to draw on the mesh to cut using LMB by default.


Click drag to make a 2d shape then drag down to extrude depth. LMB to apply or TAB to drop the shape and use any of the other following options.

  • H - Hide Shape (wire display)
  • B - Bevel (scroll wheel for segments)
  • V - Array (x and y for axis with F to flip to - or + )
  • T - Solidify (add thickness to the shape during draw.
  • E - Extrude / O - Offset (fine adjustment of top or bottom of shape)

You are also able to press the following to change the shape outcome on the fly.

  • X - Slice
  • Z - Inset
  • J - Join
  • A - Make
  • K - Knife

During the shape drawing and locked state of a shape all the hotkeys are available for modifying and perfecting the shape during operation. The buttons up top, the D menu and the Ctrl + D are also at your disposal for fine adjustment / modification even during operation.

When the shape is paused or locked you are able to double click to apply or RMB to cancel.

Boxcutter can be used in object or edit mode.

There are 3 shapes to get started with.

  • Box
  • Circle
  • Ngon
  • Custom


These are able to be setup at the top of the screen before and during operation however this is also a D pie menu.


Also for faster adjustments and even parameters connected to the operation at hand there is the ctrl + D popup.


Advanced Usage

Alt + W starts Boxcutter however it should also be known alt +W also toggles orientation from cursor grid to surface.

When rotating the cursor grid it is important to note that to rotate the grid you can drag a rotate gizmo then press R to start the operation.


There is a checkbox next to NonDestructive/Destructive behavior toggle for applying modifiers.


Edit mode is now possible with all cutters. Holding shift to keep it live in edit mode is also possible now.


It's best to show this in action. Even the new inset (purple) is in edit mode.



Fun Things to Try

Model out a curved shape and try purple box on it! Its fun for making spaceships! Of course with Hard Ops (alt + X) mirror do not use bisect (creates a hole) use modifier.


Inset is perfect for curved surfaces due to how it works. Even though it's the most unused / unloved box we intend to to make it better than ever.


Circle with bevel is also legendary and this is before we revisit the circle to really show you something you never expected.



Its fun to get crazy with however we do see a growing need for pre-emptive snapping and face locking shapes and also the ability to relocate them.

Using Hard Ops is is possible to get circles to be more controllable. Our goal is to of course make Boxcutter fully capable of solving all of it's own problems.


Press H during draw for wire view!


In this image using mirroring was in optimal due to the shape so using the 2 mirror tool in Hard Ops was the optimal solution.


Boxcutter UI In Detail



The topbar is one way to access the many options of Boxcutter and customizing the behavior to your liking.



Initial Cut Mode

  • Cut - Red
  • Slice - Yellow
  • Inset - Purple
  • Join - Green
  • Knife - Blue
  • Grey - Make

Shape Types

  •  Box
  • Circle
  •  Ngon

Modifier Types

  • Array
  • Bevel
  • Solidify

Orientation Modes

  • Object
  • Surface (default)
  • World

Destructive / Non Destructive Toggle w/ Apply Modifier Checkbox

Behavior Panel w/Pause Play button for instant cut or delayed feedback



The workspace area has been reworked into a temporary help of sorts. This is intended to help new users get acquainted quicker with boxcutter in the meantime until a proper internal help system is implemented.

To show how the workspace looks in action.



Behavior Panel

The first time you access the behavior panel it will be noticeably thinner.


However, expanded we can see the actual scope of the types of behaviors that matter to us and how custom the experience of boxcutter can be.


The first new to 711 feature listed is wires only. Which reduces the opacity of shaped drawn and will draw only wires which can be useful for colorless situations.


Behavior Panel

  • Active Only (cuts only the active mesh in a multi mesh selection situation)
  • Quick Execute (uses lazercut for every cut removing the extrude process from drawing)
  • Apply Slices (when using yellow box slices will have the intersect modifier applied making them easier to deal with)
  • Auto Smooth (sets auto-smooth on the mesh and the cutter to ensure proper shading result)
  • Preserve Non-D (allows for edit mode cutting with automatic toggle to non destructive for edit mode)
  • Shift to active (when shift is used to keep the shape after a cut the shape will be selected for quick placement or adjustment)
  • Simple Trace (recommended for high poly unmodified cutting. Allows for speed but doesnt take modifiers into account so surface draw can be inaccurate)
  • Sort Modifiers (sorts modifiers automatically to ensure stack remains stable and mesh is optimal)


  • Offset (determines offset from surface before draw)
  • Lazorcut Limit (determines minimal extrusion for lazorcut to be activated)
  • Circle Verts
  • Inset Thickness (initial thickness for the purple inset box)
  • Array Count
  • Solidify Thickness (initial thickness for solidify modifier)
  • Bevel Width (initial bevel amount for bevel modifier)
  • Bevel Segments (initial bevel segments for bevel modifier)
  • Quad Bevel (bevels using alternate system that reduces poles and gives cleaner result with bevel)
  • Straight Corner Flow (straitens out the edges for bevel corners to prevent distortion)


  • Drag Threshold (pixels of movement needed to begin draw) (connected to blender parameter)

Hard Ops optional (requires Hard Ops)

  • Material cut (allows for a specified material to be applied during slice)


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Item Rating

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  • Matthias Patscheider 13 days ago

    Awesome addon and quick support :)

  • Andy about 1 month ago

    Simply put this BoxCutter is superb in every aspect. Essential... to, and for anyone

    ♦ Workflow -
    Whether adding tiny details, or altering the whole mesh, that without BoxCutter, and using Blender native booleans, and other modifiers it might take minutes, or depending on what your creating, even hours. With BC, its literally a couple of clicks.

    ♦ Depth of options-
    Beginner to Blender, or experienced users, this is one of those Add-ons that just grows with you. Because it does so much, (just type "Box-cutter" into Youtube, an see what I mean.) As your experience with either Blender Or BC grows it opens up more and more possibilities.

    Because of the depth of abilities it offers (point 2) ... Lets put it this way. you know when your working on a design, and you think, "this just isn't right. Or "Not really what I wanted."
    And then you add a few details and it all comes together, (and you sit back with a self satisfied grin, and think.. "now thats more like it!")

  • Georjack about 1 month ago

    A lot of features. It's an incredible addon!

  • BlanKan about 2 months ago

    Great addon, in combination of hardops even better.

  • darkheron 3 months ago

    Excellent addon which not only boost productivity, but is a ton of fun as well, especially when used in conjunction with HardOps. The 2.8 version is much more natural to use IMO and has had no crashes. If I had one criticism it would be that BoxCutter has always been kind of a pain to use with a space mouse type device. I was able to alter previous versions to be more useful with such a device so I could activate a context sensitive pie menu from one of the buttons and not have to go to the keyboard... But maybe it's time for BoxCutter to ship with such a pie menu that can be invoked during the cutting operation to allow for bevel, array, flip, cut/slice toggle etc to be done via a pie selection instead of having to hit the keyboard. I think with the freeze functionality it might be easier to implement. In the meantime I shall see what I can hack up because we love BoxCutter and we love our Blackline space mice too. They should be able to make love.

  • hitman17528 7 months ago

    5 stars, plus hardops addon and hard surface modeling is your profession!

  • firman ryan lim 7 months ago

    super addons. very fast to make robot modeling and etc.

  • Steve Masterson 8 months ago

    Terrific addon!

  • Pavel Frumert 11 months ago

    I am trying it for first minutes and it is absolutely fantastic. Best invested 15$ in my life. With this add on modelling of sci-fi thematics (corridors etc.) is really enjoying.

  • Monte Drebenstedt 11 months ago

    Exactly as advertised. Keep up the great work guys

  • Nicolas Valleron about 1 year ago

    Great for Hard surface and rock formation, How could I have lived without it !!!

  • tofmusik94 over 1 year ago

    Very Nice addon !!!

  • Coverop over 1 year ago

    This is so far, the best Knife Addon Blender ever got.

    Are you tired of Blender standard Knife tool that is confusing?
    Well, this addon might be for you!

  • Paul Kotelevets almost 2 years ago


  • Wilson Worlako almost 2 years ago

    nice addon

  • the3dcie almost 2 years ago

    Love it !

  • brent3d over 2 years ago

    Wonderful Addon!

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