by Vaguely Butter in Scripts and Addons

You know what I miss? Traditional animation. It looked so smooth and lively. It would be pretty cool to be able to do something like that without all the hassle and extremely expensive software.

If you feel this way too, then this addon is the perfect tool for you!

With Blendimation you can use Blender's texture painting and leverage it to create beautiful, fluid, and genuine 2d animations.

There is no need for grease pencil when you can have crisp hand drawn graphics.

Update Version 1.0.1:

--Bugs Fixed--

Cels not animating properly

Background and foregrounds not placing correctly

--Features Added--

Added an option to show or hide the cels that are two cels ahead or behind the current cel. Will help if performance is slow with too many cels in scene.(Can limit the ability to animate the celĀ ex. change the location of the cel and keying it and changing the frame. The cel could be hidden)