Blender To Game Engine Volumetric Exporter

by 3DVFX in Scripts and Addons

Blender Volumetric Smoke in Unreal EngineBlender to Game Engine Volumetric Exporter allows you to easily bake your smoke simulations to either 3D still images or animated 3D volumetric video files for game engines like Unreal Engine, Unity and other DCC packages like Houdini.

Create clouds, fog, smoke and any other kind of volumetric gas you can image in Blender then bake and export, couldn't be easier.

No external python libraries, binaries or services are required. The complete process from start to finish uses only Blender Python and Blender's internal functions.

Blender to Game Engine Volumetric Exporter UsageQuickly and easily export volumetric smoke data into images or video files. Baking and exporting your volumetric simulations is outlined in a simple 3-step process.

  1. Step 1.  Initialize your scene with the click of a button.
    B2GEVE takes care of setting up your scene with all scene and render settings.
    B2GEVE also auto-generates node networks based on your settings.
  2. Step 2. Set the detail level for slices and final output resolution of your frames or video.
    Fully control how many slices you'd like to create from your volume and the output resolution.
  3. Step 3. Choose an export folder and start the bake process!
    Full progress details are available in the console.

Need a volumetric anime style cloud in Unreal Engine? Model one up with some metaballs in Blender -> convert to a mesh -> Quick Smoke and export the volume to a single image file.
You're always in control of the performance to detail ratio with frame output as EXR (widely known as the fastest image sequence format, and best intermediary image format) or video as MP4 (best compression to playback speed ratio in Unreal Engine 4).